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12/10/18 Empower Hour! Bites

Tonight's session started with a discussion of how to help your pets with bite wounds of all kinds. We started with the use of Apis after insect stings and then focused on “dirty” bite wounds full of bacteria that can result in pockets of pus called abscesses. However...

9/3/18 Empower Hour! – Upper Respiratory

HMDM and Respiratory conditions module 3, plus some Q&A. Covered upper respiratory conditions, such as foreign bodies in the nose, nosebleeds, URTIs, canine flu, kennel cough, allergic rhinitis, brachycephalic syndrome, laryngeal paralysis, tracheal collapse

8/20/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight’s discussion started with a summary of last week’s grain-free diet and cardiomyopathy discussion. We then talked about your pets problems with fears and how to help them with homeopathy.

8/13/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we spoke again with holistic veterinarian and researcher Dr. Jean Dodds. She discussed taurine and the role of individual susceptibility to heart dis-ease in pets, toxins in animal and human food, vaccination and more.

8/6/18 Empower Hour!

In tonight’s session we discussed sudden vaccine reactions. And focused on your recognizing the homeopathic medicines that help.

7/30/18 Empower Hour!

In tonight’s member mentoring EH! we discussed bloat, risk factors and dispelled some myths. And how you can decide which of the most frequently indicated homeopathic medicines to give on the way to your vet.

7/23/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we discussed what to do for a kitty who developed cystitis symptoms after loss of her companion. And homeopathic medicines for this and any cystitis episode.

7/16/18 Empower Hour!

During tonight’s session we discussed a wide range of related topics. Everything from Organon to molecular medicine to clinical cystitis.

7/9/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we focused on your pets with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. After a quick discussion of Organon paragraph 5 which discusses “exciting causes”(triggers) of acute dis-eases.

7/2/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we took a deeper dive into applying the HMDM Protocol to pets with Lyme symptoms. And asymptomatic Lyme positive pets.

6/18/18 Empower Hour!

Organon Paragraph 3 was discussed tonight. This one paragraph summarizes how you can treat your pets using their vitality, balance and homeopathy.

6/11/18 Empower Hour!

The state of medicine in Dr. Hahnemann’s time led him to develop homeopathy and write the Organon. We talked about paragraphs 1 and 2 tonight as we started our Organon discussion.

6/4/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we discussed homeopathic treatment of osteosarcoma, vaccine-induced heart antibodies, what to do about possible rabies exposure, etc.

5/28/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we started our session with paragraph 94 of the Organon of Medicine. In it, Dr. Hahnemann talks about how to remove any potential obstacles to healing…

5/21/18 Empower Hour!

Heart and Exercise – Tonight we discussed the vitality-energy-heart connection. How to help your sick pets just by increasing exercise and exposure to sunlight.

5/14/18 Empower Hour!

Focus on cardiomyopathy – deeper dive into the home heart health exam, heart rate and pulse, monitoring of the EKG.

5/7/18 Empower Hour!

Continuing with the heart topic – discussion of HMDM Step 2 research: what you find during your home heart health exam.

4/30/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we focused on HMDM Step 2 = Research (for heart dis-ease). We talked about re-connecting scientific research and clinical practice. Specifically regarding D-ribose.

4/16/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight's session with Dr. Beal continued our food safety and glyphosate discussion. Click or tap here for the audio only. 00:00 Intro to today's class: glyphosate 01:50 How to lower exposure to glyphosate 07:45 Organic food and glyphosate 19:30 Meats and glyphosate...

4/23/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we focused on how to use the heart dis-ease webinar information with Dr. Bernstein. Especially when it comes to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from hyperthyroidism.

4/2/2018 Empower Hour!

Individualization using symptoms. Using context to decide what to do. Click here for audio only. 00:00 Intro to today's class 04:00 Member's dog's case - symptoms & individualization / Repertorization 20:50 Constitutional vs acute symptoms 46:25 Member's dog's case...

3/26/18 Empower Hour!

Vaccinosis #7- vaccinosis resolution in the senior rescue pet with the loving care and homeopathy at Brighthaven shelter with Gail Pope (et al) Click here for audio only. 00:00 Intro to today's class and Gail Pope 03:30 Gail Pope tells her journey from conventional to...

3/19/18 Empower Hour!

Vaccinosis #6- post-Dr. Jean Dodds discussion about size of vaccine doses and toxicity, nosodes, natural exposure to build titers, titer testing, etc. Click here for audio only. 00:00 Intro to class  1:10 Toll receptor 3:18 Interacting with conventional veterinarian...

3/12/18 Empower Hour!

Vaccinosis #5- Dr. Jean Dodds discussed susceptibility, allergies from vaccines, Nutriscan, risk and vaccinosis (+ much more) with us. Click here for audio only. 00:00 Intro to dr. Jean Dodds 01:30 Half ml vaccine 02:20 Susceptibility to vaccinosis 04:40...

3/5/18 Empower Hour!

Vaccinosis #4- "Scared Poopless" author guest Jan Rasmusen and vaccine reaction discussion, how to avoid unwanted vaccines, etc. Click here for audio only. 00:00 Intro to today's class and Jan Rasmusen 02:00 Jan's story  05:45 Jan's dog's story 13:00 Rabies vaccine...

2/26/18 Empower Hour!

Vaccinosis #3, FIP and cell mutation, terrain vs. germs, flying with your pet, etc. Click here for the audio only. 00:00 Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) / terrain vs. germs 04:00 Vaccine for FIP 5.29 Coronavirus, FIP and cell mutation 7:30 Feline coronavirus 14:50...

2/19/18 Empower Hour!

Vaccinosis #2, organic farming, soil building, price pottenger, etc. Click here for the audio only. 00:00 Intro and check in 00:50 Natural immunity - animals are like organic farming / Western Price 11:55 Glyphosate and spraying 21:00 Lepto 28:00 Technical...

2/12/18 Empower Hour!

Specifics about building natural immunity and vitality, nosodes and genus epidemicus, titers, rabies miasm, etc. Click here for the audio only. 00:00 Testimonial & intro to empower hours 03:05 Intro to today's class 03:30 Observation of symptoms with vaccines 05:02...

1/29/18 Empower Hour!

Iodine, thyroid and susceptibility, feeding raw meaty bones, tooth brushing, training, etc. Click here for the audio only. 00:00 Check in  00:43 Thyroid health and micronutrients / iodine / seaweed / susceptibility 11:16 Q&A: using supplements 18:09 Q&A: dog behavior...

1/22/18 Empower Hour!

Thyroid-kidney connection, susceptibility, triggers for dis-eases, etc. Click here for the audio only.   00:00 Review of last webinar and overview of today 1:30 Thyroid - kidney connection 6:45 Thyroid case / Using HMDM 18:50 Choosing remedy / Symptom clues 41:30...

1/15/18 Empower Hour!

Thyroid hormones, vitality, stress and glyphosate discussion Click here for the audio recording from 1/15I 00:00 Intro and check ins 1:20 Routine thyroid screening / Mitochondria / Vitality 7:23 External stress & vitality 17:30 "Healthy" animal with fatal disease case...

1/8/18 Empower Hour!

Obesity, insulin resistance, cat with voracious hunger, scarfs and barfs, Cushing's disease, internal symptoms, etc. Click here for audio only. 00:00 Intro to today's class 1:55 Obesity - tracking weight 09:00 Insulin Resistance / Metabolic syndrome / Importance of...

12/18/17 Empower Hour!

Post-fresh food feeding live event discussion; puppy care and socialization, housebreaking, and more. 00:00 Check-ins with members 00:50 Case: eye booger / Fresh food feeding discussion 13:10 Puppy care and socialization / Bonding 19:00 Hair analysis / Fresh food...

12/11/17 Empower Hour!

Lab with tape worms case, Natural dis-ease resistance, dog parks, avoiding vaccines, Thyroid testing, Endocrine disruptors, Water purity / minerals / fluoride, Joy in our lives / compassion, Fluid pooling cat case

12/4/17 Empower Hour!

Itching case, Individual symptom managing with homeopathy, Conventional veterinary conference, Dog anal sac case, Cat snoring case / cat food transitioning /  cat litter, Remedies for returning symptoms, How much to feed a puppy?

11/13/17 Empower Hour!

Building natural immunity, where to find rubrics in the repertory, treatment of fearful pup after mastectomy, feeding tips, etc. 0:13 Kidney disease case - diet support (book suggestions) 07:30 Bleeding tumors 12:26 Fearful pup after mastectomy case / Phosphorus ...

11/11/17 Empower Hour!

Treating and preventing cystitis, new puppy care and determining what is normal, vitamin D in people and pets, etc. 1:24 Cystitis and Energy levels 10:05 Cold trigger  16:20 Puppy (Boxer) care case 19:20 Top causes for urinary symptoms 25:11 Dog tumor case...

10/26/17 Empower Hour!

Balancing the fresh food diet, the meaning of "Snow Nose", hypo-thyroid progression, homeopathic medicines for the feral cat, etc. 2:50 Flea problem discussion 6:23 Balancing the fresh food diet 12:38 Hypo-thyroid progression case / balancing fresh food diet 27:00...

10/19/17 Empower Hour!

Flea control, new puppy care, cystitis and urinary crystals, unexplained weight gain, and more. 2:00 Member case: remedy for cat kidney issue 3:50 New puppy care 6:47 Flea control 20:23 Vertigo problem / Homeopathy 26:26 Deworming / Flea control 35:15 Member case:...

10/5/17 Empower Hour!

Liver dis-ease discussion, a kitty with pancreatitis, the internal balance model, heartworm and more. 2:16 Liver dis-ease discussion 4:20 Handfeeding puppy case / Reiki-ing food 18:23 Scratching 27:35 Fleas  30:43 Heartworms 40:42 Whipworms 46:24 Eye issue / pollyp of...

9/21/17 Empower Hour!

0:30 Feeding discussion / Raw food 19:30 Tracking symptoms / working with professionals 28:30 Movie "Just one drop" 30:48 Continued: Tracking symptoms / working with professionals 33:18 Continued: feeding discussion 34:55 Screening for lyme / how to catch urine  37:30...