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06/10/2019 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Our guest Dr. Nancy Scanlan described some genetic predispositions to dis-eases and their integrative treatment. The hour is packed with information. 00:00 Topic list coming soon

06/03/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight we first discussed specific strategies to build natural disease resistance and how to use it, along with homeopathy, to prevent and manage Lyme in your pets. Then we took a deeper-dive into what nosodes are and how to decide if you want to use them....

05/27/2019 Empower Hour! Individuality

SUMMARY: Tonight we discussed more about how to help your pets using their individuality. After a short discussion about why this matters, Frances and Emilie were kind enough to help discuss the decisions they made when caring for Harpo and Wileee. 00:00 Topic list...

05/20/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: On tonight’s Empower Hour! webinar, Dr. Angie Krause demystified using CBDs to help your pets. She addressed topics like the difference between medical marijuana and CBDs, which product to use, what symptoms are helped by CBDs, dosing, and more. We also...

05/07/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight we took a detour from our usual focus on Vitality and Balance for dogs and cats to learn more about keeping backyard chickens and other poultry with food and farm expert Dr. Sue Beal. Chickens eat lots of ticks and reduce everyone's chance of a...

04/29/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Dr. Jean Dodds shared some awe-some information tonight about using your pets' Vitality, Balance and nutrigenomics. We're grateful to have Dr. Jean return for the 3rd time, and to say such kind things about Vitality, Balance and Holistic Actions! She also...

04/22/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: On tonight's Empower Hour! webinar we took a deeper-dive into the very important topic of how to build natural immunity in your pets. Dr. Todd Cooney joined us to discuss your pets' awe-some powers for resisting diseases triggered by infectious agents like...

04/15/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight we discussed 4 homeopathic medicines to always have with you in case of an emergency.​ You can remember them as the “4 Awesome As”.​ We discussed specifics of recognizing when they’re needed as well as how to dose Aconite, Apis, Arnica and Arsenicum...

04/08/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight we had the founder of the organic kelp company Bill Wolf join us. Bill discussed how his kelp (which is a seaweed) is grown, doses for your pets, and what it can be used for. We discussed several member questions about their own pets. One of these...

04/01/19 Empower Hour! Supplements

SUMMARY: Tonight was a deeper-dive into safe and effective use of supplements. The webinar started with discussion of how supplements can act like natural drugs to cover up symptoms. Then we described how you can use them safely. Other supplements like omega-3 fatty...

03/25/2019 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight we welcomed back Dr. Katie Kangas to the Empower Hour! webinar about dental care and dispelling myths. Dr. Katie shared an awesome amount of information most of which can be found in her slide handout. RESOURCESForum post with toothpaste recipe 00:00...

3/18/2019 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight's Empower Hour! webinar was a deeper-dive into the non-anesthetic dentistry (NAD). For the first 30 minutes we hosted the founder of the nation's largest NAD provider, Pet Dental Services. Dr. Christina and I then shared our experiences with it, and...

03/11/19 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Today's special guest is Dr. Martha Lindsay. We focused on the foods we feed our pets and the health of their mouths. We talked about if feeding grains is appropriate, the merits of pressure cooking, Nutrition Response Testing, and more. 00:00 Greetings and...

03/04/19 Empower Hour! Stomatitis

SUMMARY: The next series of Empower Hour! webinars will be focusing on your pets mouths. We’ll be sharing information about general hygiene like what to use to brush their teeth, what to feed, and how to improve the oral microbiome. Tonight we put dental dis-eases in...

02/25/19 Empower Hour! Diarrhea 5

SUMMARY: In today's Empower Hour! we focused on how to deeply cure your pets by recognizing their individuality using holistic and homeopathic treatments. We put together a comprehensive guide for treating digestive symptoms at home.  00:00 Intro to today's module...

02/18/19 Empower Hour! Probiotics

SUMMARY: Tonight's guest was Dr. Doug Knueven. We discussed how probiotics can benefit your pet's gut health and help treat diarrhea, how probiotics affect the immune system, how probiotics affect the brain, moods, and behavior, how probiotics affect the body's...

02/11/19 Empower Hour! Diarrhea 4

SUMMARY: Even before we started tonight’s discussion, Judy asked about a rescue pup with severe kidney dis-ease and her own pup who ate 2 bunches of grapes! We then discussed conventional diagnosis and treatment for diarrheas by breaking them down into 3 simple...

02/04/2019 Empower Hour! Diarrhea 3

SUMMARY: The 3rd module of the Digestion, Diarrhea and Dysbiosis started tonight’s webinar. It was a deeper dive into specific diarrhea symptoms and how to describe them. This is so important because specific descriptions of symptoms are awesome clues to what's...

01/28/19 Empower Hour! EMF

SUMMARY: At tonight's Empower Hour! we had a special guest - Katie B. Kangas, DVM, CVA, CVCP. She led a discussion about health challenges associated with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and what you can do​. 00:00 Intro and greetings 02:30 Dr. Kanga introducing...

01/21/2019 Empower Hour! Diarrhea 2

Tonight we discussed the Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM) that you can use to decide what to do to help prevent and manage diarrhea symptoms. Members also brought non-diarrhea cases that were evaluated using HMDM including specific homeopathic medicines to use for a kitty with recurring urinary symptoms and pancreatitis.

01/14/2019 Empower Hour! Diarrhea 1

During tonight’s Empower Hour! you learned more about how your pets’ digest food in their intestinal tracts. The different parts of it were discussed including the important role of bacterial balance in the intestines.

01/07/2019 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: In today's Empower Hour! you get to learn all you need to know about whether to neuter your pets and when. Our guest speaker Dr. Sara Fox Chapman gives us a very informative presentation and then answers member questions. RESOURCES Neutering dogs pros and...

12/17/2018 Empower Hour!

We answered questions about HMDM and a coughing cat who is drinking a lot, subcutaneous fluid therapy and monitoring for dehydration for a dog, genus epidemics, hyperthyroidism and more.

12/10/18 Empower Hour! Bites

SUMMARY:  Tonight's session started with a discussion of how to help your pets with bite wounds of all kinds. We started with the use of Apis after insect stings and then focused on “dirty” bite wounds full of bacteria that can result in pockets of pus called...

9/3/18 Empower Hour! – Upper Respiratory

HMDM and Respiratory conditions module 3, plus some Q&A. Covered upper respiratory conditions, such as foreign bodies in the nose, nosebleeds, URTIs, canine flu, kennel cough, allergic rhinitis, brachycephalic syndrome, laryngeal paralysis, tracheal collapse

8/20/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight’s discussion started with a summary of last week’s grain-free diet and cardiomyopathy discussion. We then talked about your pets problems with fears and how to help them with homeopathy.

8/13/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we spoke again with holistic veterinarian and researcher Dr. Jean Dodds. She discussed taurine and the role of individual susceptibility to heart dis-ease in pets, toxins in animal and human food, vaccination and more.

8/6/18 Empower Hour!

In tonight’s session we discussed sudden vaccine reactions. And focused on your recognizing the homeopathic medicines that help.

7/30/18 Empower Hour!

In tonight’s member mentoring EH! we discussed bloat, risk factors and dispelled some myths. And how you can decide which of the most frequently indicated homeopathic medicines to give on the way to your vet.

7/23/18 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight we discussed what to do for a kitty who developed cystitis symptoms, homeopathic medicines. As well as heatstroke, eclampsia, GABA, Reiki, etc.

7/16/18 Empower Hour!

During tonight’s session we discussed a wide range of related topics. Everything from Organon to molecular medicine to clinical cystitis.

7/9/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we focused on your pets with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. After a quick discussion of Organon paragraph 5 which discusses “exciting causes”(triggers) of acute dis-eases.

7/2/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we took a deeper dive into applying the HMDM Protocol to pets with Lyme symptoms. And asymptomatic Lyme positive pets.

6/18/18 Empower Hour!

Organon Paragraph 3 was discussed tonight. This one paragraph summarizes how you can treat your pets using their vitality, balance and homeopathy.

6/11/18 Empower Hour!

The state of medicine in Dr. Hahnemann’s time led him to develop homeopathy and write the Organon. We talked about paragraphs 1 and 2 tonight as we started our Organon discussion.

6/4/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we discussed homeopathic treatment of osteosarcoma, vaccine-induced heart antibodies, what to do about possible rabies exposure, etc.

5/28/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we started our session with paragraph 94 of the Organon of Medicine. In it, Dr. Hahnemann talks about how to remove any potential obstacles to healing…

5/21/18 Empower Hour!

Heart and Exercise – Tonight we discussed the vitality-energy-heart connection. How to help your sick pets just by increasing exercise and exposure to sunlight.

5/14/18 Empower Hour!

Focus on cardiomyopathy – deeper dive into the home heart health exam, heart rate and pulse, monitoring of the EKG.

5/7/18 Empower Hour!

Continuing with the heart topic – discussion of HMDM Step 2 research: what you find during your home heart health exam.

4/30/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we focused on HMDM Step 2 = Research (for heart dis-ease). We talked about re-connecting scientific research and clinical practice. Specifically regarding D-ribose.

4/16/18 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Tonight's session with Dr. Beal continued our food safety and glyphosate discussion. 00:00 Intro to today's class: glyphosate 01:50 How to lower exposure to glyphosate 07:45 Organic food and glyphosate 19:30 Meats and glyphosate 23:00 Individual...

4/23/18 Empower Hour!

Tonight we focused on how to use the heart dis-ease webinar information with Dr. Bernstein. Especially when it comes to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from hyperthyroidism.

4/2/2018 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Individualization using symptoms. Using context to decide what to do. 00:00 Intro to today's class 04:00 Member's dog's case - symptoms & individualization / Repertorization 20:50 Constitutional vs acute symptoms 46:25 Member's dog's case update...

3/26/18 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Vaccinosis #7- vaccinosis resolution in the senior rescue pet with the loving care and homeopathy at Brighthaven shelter with Gail Pope (et al) 00:00 Intro to today's class and Gail Pope 03:30 Gail Pope tells her journey from conventional to holistic 14:00...

3/19/18 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Vaccinosis #6- post-Dr. Jean Dodds discussion about size of vaccine doses and toxicity, nosodes, natural exposure to build titers, titer testing, etc. 00:00 Intro to class  1:10 Toll receptor 3:18 Interacting with conventional veterinarian 7:42 Toll...

3/12/18 Empower Hour!

SUMMARY: Vaccinosis #5- Dr. Jean Dodds discussed susceptibility, allergies from vaccines, Nutriscan, risk and vaccinosis (+ much more) with us. 00:00 Intro to dr. Jean Dodds 01:30 Half ml vaccine 02:20 Susceptibility to vaccinosis 04:40 Hypothyroidism & vaccine...