Holistic Actions! Foundation

Holistic Actions! (HA!) Foundation’s mission is education and empowerment.

We are doing this by “translating” cutting edge research into specific ways to facilitate healing. Research is showing us how our companion animals can have the freedom of well-balanced lives that they deserve by having strong vitality and healing naturally.


But natural healing using vitality is not a current conventional veterinary method. Translational medicine and the HA! Foundation is solving this problem by bringing benchside research to the “bedside” of our pets then teaching everyone how to keep their pets balanced to have the best quality of life possible.

It is known that these important lifestyle changes improve Vitality and Balance: energy from the sun, fresh food, exercise, and working with the body by respecting symptoms. Further research by the HA! Foundation will help bring this concept back into mainstream medicine.

Pet parents can learn to make the best medical decisions for their furry kids by knowing about the Vitality-energy-symptom connection and by knowing all of the ways to stimulate innate healing through it.

HA! Foundation is dedicated to researching, verifying, clinically applying then teaching everyone (medically trained or not) a gentle and effective approach to healing and happier lives.


The 2019 HA! Foundation projects include: 

  • Researching the Vitality and Balance System (VBS) and writing about how to harness its power for veterinarians and other doctors
  • Teaching pet parents and veterinarians how they can use the VBS with homeopathy
  • Providing scholarships to pet parents, pet professionals and other doctors
  • Adding vitality-based biologic behavior to the homeschooling curriculum

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The Foundation Also Supports:


The Molecular Vitality project research

Run by Dr. Jeff Feinman this research integrates Vitality and Balance along with modern conventional veterinary medicine. The goal is to bring vitality and personalized (not just “precision”) medicine for more animals, as well as to mothers and children. The results of the research are being published in medical journals in articles on Vitality and Balance system,  BEAM/symptom significance, ATP and vitality articles. etc. Also, a book is in the works to be published.


Center For Animal Rescue, Hospice And Holistic Education

In 2010 BrightHaven Rescue was formed with the goal of saving shelter animals most at risk for euthanasia due to their age or illness. We have has been very successful in finding both foster and forever homes for hundreds of abandoned animals in our local communities. We specialize in medical rehabilitation, which makes us unique.

AVH Foundation

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Foundation

The AVHF was created in 2013 to help fund education, scholarship and research in veterinary homeopathy. They were granted IRS 501c(3) in May 2014 and need YOUR help to get the ball rolling.

Humane Society

Your donation helps them protect animals facing abuse and neglect across the country and around the world. Be a hero for animals. Donate today.

AHVM Foundation

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation

AHVMF is a nonprofit organization that funds investigations to advance animal health through integrative holistic veterinary medicine

Angell Memorial Animal Hospital

Compassionate and Collaborative Veterinary Care

The number one priority of Angell’s board-certified specialists, certified veterinary technicians, and dedicated support staff is treating patients with the one-on-one care and compassion that each pet deserves.