HA! trusted brands

The Brands We Trust And Recommend & Our Partners


Fresh, local (to you) commercial raw food you can order on-line.

Superfood toppers, Gravy, Treats, and Chews to enhance your pets’ nutrition.

Sustainably sourced ingredients from verified humane farms. They also sell natural insect repellents.

First pet food company to make feeding raw pet food convenient and easy using good food sources.

Fresh feeding classes & recipes

supplements & vitamins

Reliable nutritional supplements.

Safe alternative to fish oil.

Fucopia is a pet supplement made from seaweeds, full of fucoidan.

Excellent nutrient-rich, sustainably harvested kelp for human, animal and plant nutrition.

Multiple, safe, effective internal and external products to treat and prevent many common pet ailments.

Reliable probiotic we often recommend.

Leaders in
innovative, condition-specific
nutraceuticals since 1999

High quality whole food based nutritional supplements.

Reliable high quality essential oils for pets.

Innovative dietary supplements – functional medicine is the cornerstone of Xymogen.

High quality nutritional supplements.

Well Pet Dispensary – a trusted source for CBD products from Dr. Rob Silver, a leader in the field.

Supplements for dogs by a trusted holistic veterinarian Dr. Peter Dobias

supportive practices

Prevent and heal with Reiki – classes, Shelter Animal Reiki Association, treating your pets, support for using Reiki with pets.

HA! partner – books, videos, classes to learn this super safe, effective supportive and healing modality.

Electro magnetic devices that directly increase pets’ vitality and balance. Great for arhtritis, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Ion machines – improve air quality to help restore vitality and balance.

HA! partner – leader in holistic hospice care and decades of restoring elderly felines to health. Books, consultations and webinars.

Heal your pets by increasing the oxygen in the tissues with ozone topical and internal treatments.

Eden energy medicine – empowering you with essential healing tools

Take a class to learn a very powerful hands on healing technique or request healing from trained practitioners.

Decades of success using training techniques, hands on methods and wraps/thundershirts for behavior, emotional and physical problems.

Veterinarian developed line of essences for physical and emotional problems, especially for vaccine and parasite issues.

PET Essences – variety of essences, especially ones for specific medical issues.

Decades of preparing essences for people, with some specific combinations for pets’ emotional and physical problems.

Many esences, especially ones for bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Chemical free bug repelents that work

Devices for breathing: helping exhale linger thus triggering your nervous system to relax

Magnetic tags for flea and tick prevention


The highest-rated, most accurate dog DNA test available

First non-profit blood bank for pets, leader in testing for thyroid and nutritional issues, speaker for HA! and internationally, and consultant for vaccine issues.

Reliable blood test kits and RxVitamins.

toys and accessories

Great toy boxes for dogs