How Do I Know That
HA! Membership Is Right For Me?

 Caring for your pet, and deciding what to do to help them, can be super expensive but we are there to help. Here are 3 affordable membership tiers to fit every pet guardian’s needs.

Loving your dog or cat is easy, but confidently making the best petcare choices and medical decisions for them can be hard!

That’s why we’re here with the holistic guidance you need for
helping your pet live their healthiest, happiest, and longest life!

What is the HA! Academy?

The HA! Academy is a resource hub, learning center, interactive support community, and professional services platform

for getting trustable answers to almost any petcare question or concern you can imagine. The HA! Academy is made up of our team of passionate and experienced veterinarians, dog trainers, and animal lovers. Together, we combine our extensive knowledge and experience to take the guesswork out of knowing what wellness, lifestyle, and healthcare choices will be of greatest benefit to your dog or cat.


Depending on the Membership Tier That’s Right for You, Here’s Just a Sampling of What You’ll Get!

One-On-One Guidance

Have you ever spent hours searching google for petcare answers, only to think, “It would be so nice if there was just somebody I could talk to who could give me trustable guidance!” With Academy membership, that’s exactly what you get! Every month you’ll have 15 minutes to personally discuss your question or concern with a HA! faculty member so you’ll feel confident about taking the right steps and making the best choices for your pet.


Weekly Empower Hours

Want to feel empowered to make the right wellness, lifestyle, and healthcare choices for your pet? Take advantage of our interactive Empower Hour! webinars where HA! faculty members and/or guest speakers dive into your top pet-related concerns and healthcare challenges.

A Learning Library of Multimedia Petcare Content

Now you don’t have to endlessly search Google in an attempt to learn how to holistically interpret, prevent, and treat your top petcare concerns! HA!’s easily searchable learning library includes a wealth of multimedia resources on a broad number of topics.

Interactive Community Support

Wouldn’t it be great if you could interact whenever you wanted with an online community that was as dedicated to finding the best holistic solutions to their petcare concerns as you are? The HA! Academy Forum connects you with other HA! members and gives you a place to share concerns, explore questions, learn from each other’s experiences, make new friends, and receive community support.

…and much, much more!

Why Join?

Here’s How to Tell if Academy Membership is What You’re Looking For!

You want to naturally and effectively ADDRESS ROOT CAUSES rather than just treating symptoms.

You want to go BEYOND TREATING DISEASE and instead improve balance and vitality to PROMOTE AND PRESERVE GLOWING HEALTH.

You want to SAVE MONEY on vet bills by learning how to prevent common problems and diseases and support your pet’s health for the rest of their life.

You’re READY TO STOP feeding your pets kibble, treating them with toxic chemicals, and taking actions that run the risk of creating the very problems you’re trying to avoid or solve

You want to FEEL EMPOWERED AND CONFIDENT about the medical choices you make, knowing you won’t run the risk of hurting your pet in the process of trying to help them.

You want to feel CONNECTED TO A COMMUNITY of like minded pet lovers.


Wondering which membership tier is right for you? Check out the table below to see everything that’s included in each!

Access to HA! Academy Fun-damentals (includes information on Health & Dis-ease, Fresh Feeding & Nutrition, Toxins & Vaccines, Exercise & Enrichment, and More!)


Inclusion in HA!’s community on Facebook

Search the Forums to view relevent discussions

Access to all Empower Hour! webinar recordings

Access to HA! Academy Resource Library (video trainings, handouts, articles, and more covering 25 different pet wellness topics)

Full access to Forums; ask questions, get answers from expert veterinarians and homeopaths

Complete concierge service (exclusive access to the entire HA! faculty comprised of more than 5 licensed veterinarians and experts in Holistic Medical Decision Making)

Customized 15-minute monthly guidance call

LIVE participation in all Empower Hour! webinars