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Help Your Pet Have a Better Life.

Dearest dog or cat parent,

Taking care of your life companion, and actually taking GOOD care is not easy. There is so much to learn and understand, so much confusing information, so many important decision making.

Vaccinate or support the immune system, raw food or kibble, antibiotics or homeopathics… It’s easy to feel alone, overwhelmed and lost in too much information.

What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

  • What if we provided you with all the support you need to take care of your lovedfour-leggedd friends holistically?
  • Teach you how to make holistic medical decisions?
  • Show you the way to take care of your pet from nutrition, immune support building to disease prevention?
  • Gave you access to holistic veterinarians whose expertise would be just an email away?
  • And basically gave you a piece of mind that you are in the right hands and don’t need to look for solutions anymore…

Imagine that!

That’s exactly what Holistic Actions™ Membership offers you and much more…

Membership ($49.79 per month):

Member Mentoring (we will help you become empowered). You’ll get direct access to veterinarians and other faculty to have your questions answered and any confusion clarified in live group courses, by email and in our forum.

    • Come by and ask your questions to receive our support and guidance
    • Each month we focus on a specific problem, like Lyme, thyroid dis-eases, cystitis, etc. You will learn how to interpret, prevent and treat them holistically. We’ll help you take charge of your pet’s health care.Past classes have included how to help lameness homeopathically, holistic behavior and brain dis-ease treatment, acute homeopathy, how to raise the allergy threshold “bar” to stop allergic dis-eases naturally.
    • The courses include:
      • Pre-recorded videos sent to you every month
      • The videos are followed with a live on-line class and a chance to ask your questions about the topic material and your pets
      • PLUS member-only Empower Hour! discussions where we go into even more depth
  4. UNLIMITED ACCESS to all prior course and seminar recordings.
  5. FULL MEMBER-ONLY FORUM (in addition to Facebook) coming soon.
  6. INVITATIONS to in-person events and cooking classes and demos.

Dr. Jeff, that was a *fantastic* session, and not just because it was about Ronan. I really like how:

1) you laid out the decision-making process in the context of the larger problem
2) you brought in more detail about the use of homeopathy
3) you brought in the areas in which medical technology can help.
Lots of food for thought, and I’m keen to learn more
Thank you very much- you rock!  🙂
Christine (and Ronan)

You helped me extend Hannah’s life for over a year with stage 4 kidney disease and Raine’s as well. Today Raine is playing, she is happy, energetic and appetite is great, whereas a year ago, we almost lost Raine to kidney failure. Five Stars.


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