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Helping to empower pet parents to know that it's about pet's ability to heal themselves...

Sep 9, 2020. Interview with Dr. Karen Becker from Mercola Healthy Pets. Our job is to facilitate animals’ healing response and just get out of the way… listen now.

Dr Jeff Feinman of Holistic Actions!: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me ...

Aug 19, 2021. Interview with Luke Kervin. The third biggest thing I wish I’d learned in vet school is thenatural resilience and regenerative ability of the body… read more.

A Truly Holistic Approach to Pet Health with Dr. Jeff Feinman...

Aug 11 & Aug 18, 2021. Podcast with Quest for Healing. how to view our pet’s health holistically and he has a great framework for helping us out with that… listen now.

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If you have a pet in your life, you probably already know in your heart and soul that they make wonderful...

June 1, 2017. Dr. Jeff Feinman is a brilliant and compassionate holistic veterinarian who offers a number of incredible resources, informative materials read more.

dr. Karen Becker, Holistic actions press

Dr. Becker & Dr. Chambreau Talk About Pet Parenting...

Feb 8, 2016. Interview with Dr. Karen Becker from Mercola Healthy Pets. Most people do what veterinarian says and don’t ask questions. You need to be responsible for each… watch now.

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CSR is not just a suggested best practice--it's necessary. Here are some ways companies can give back...

Dec 21, 2021. Speaking of animals, at Holistic Actions (HA!)–an international leader in the fight for creating a better world for pets–they’re launching… read more.

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Happiness Protocol to help our pets...

2021. Interview with Ahshley from It’s all about building immune resilience-feeding more vital food, no dry food… available to watch soon.

dog happi, holistic actions press, holistic pet care

Are you tired of conflicting information about what’s good for your dog?...

Jan 21, 2021. Podcast with Dog Happi. Symptoms Are Clues: What Is Your Dog’s Body Saying? Why is your dog’s ear infection a good thing?… listen now.

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Homeopathy for Pets! Dr. Christina Chambreau is Holistic a veterinarian, author...

Oct 23, 2021. During the session with the vets, a few things you’ll learn: – how your animals can benefit from this powerful healing modalitywatch now.

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Everything I do and teach at Holistic actions! is based on one health...

Jul 15, 2021. Podcast with Raw Entrepawneur. I have the deepest respect for this man who defied all odds by surviving a mysterious dis-ease listen now.

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I’m passionate about homeopathy, mostly because...

Feb 2, 2021. Podcast with Angela Ardolino from “It’s a dog’s life”. Dr. Christina discussed how homeopathy works and how unique each individual pet islisten now.

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Holistic Medical Decision Making to maximize pet health...

Dec 26, 2018. Animal Wellness Sumit. Bringing you over 80 speakers, experts in their respective fields, who passionately share timely and relevant information to help you feel more empowered… watch now.

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Trusting Yourself to Make Healthy Choices for Your Animal Companions...

Nov 26, 2021. Animal Lovers Cafe interview. We have so many choices to make for our animal companions. Our conventional veterinarian says feed processed food, one web site says feed only raw meaty bones watch now.

animal paradise, holistic actions press, holistic pet care

Empowering and Inspiring Pet Parents with holistic vet Dr. Jeff Feinman

May 13, 2022. Dr. Jeff Feinman discussed our connection to animals, more on his BEAM philosophy, and the importance of the re-growth mindset with Dr. Peter Dobias from Not Just About Dogs …. listen now.

The dog owners summit

How To Make Stress Free Healthcare Decisions for Your Pets

Dr. Christina Chambreau talks about ways to support our pets so they can live healthy and long life. Medical decision making can be stress free – watch here.

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