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Here’s how we help you take control of your pet’s health:

  • Access licensed veterinarians and other pet professionals with decades of clinical experiences

  • Prevent unexpected illnesses by building vitality and resistance to dis-ease

  • Avoid unnecessary veterinary and ER expenses

  • Use symptoms as clues to internal health

  • Go beyond fresh food feeding and reducing vaccinations

  • Help your beloved companion animals have happier and longer lives

  • We will walk this path together

  • You can prevent and naturally manage dis-ease. We help our members learn to optimize nutrition, minimize toxins and build a holistic healing team.

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Our Mission

To Educate and Empower companion animal guardians to help their pets lead happier and healthier lives!


Meet our faculty of dedicated professionals passionate about holistic veterinary care.

Dr. Jeff Feinman, CVH,

Dr. Christina Chambreau, CVH,

Jennifer Bridwell CnTPM,

Amy L. Feinman, B.S., MSEd

Gail Pope


Our foundation supports the Humane Society, Angell Memorial Animal Hospital (Boston), the AVH Foundation and AHVM Foundation.