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Loved having the opportunity to attend your course. Feel I have a way better understanding of how homeopathy works. And certainly learned that symptoms are our friends.

You convinced me in the first lesson that homeopathy was what I needed to do for my 6 month old puppy, to get him from a dog, with ear, eye, stomach and itching problems to a healthy and happy dog hopefully for life.

Loved the reading materials/books you recommended… very helpful and educational!

~ Sue B.

Last night may have been a real life-saver for our nearly 18-yr old cat, Nora.

I questioned her being on thyroid meds after the class.

We stopped the meds.

…She inhaled [the food] and is perkier again.  The vet over prescribes meds to the point where I will not go to her.  Live and learn!

Anyway so WOW that was a GREAT CLASS LAST NIGHT!”

~ Robin

what is HOLISTIC ACTIONS! academy

We are a team of passionate and dedicated holistic veterinarians, dog trainers, animal lovers with over 80 years of combined experience.

Our vision is to educate as many animal guardians as possible about the holistic ways of caring for yourself and your pets.

Through top education, research, holistic medical decision making techniques we will teach you how to understand your pet’s symptom language, assess her wellbeing, use holistic treatment modalities, including homeopathy, create a team of support.


Dr. Sara Fox Chapman’s Story

Animal Mad Like so many of you, I was animal mad when I was growing up. Unfortunately, my mum and older brother had bad allergies, so until an outside cat adopted me, I relied on a kind neighbor’s dogs - walking and training them. My own first dog arrived when I was...

Weight Loss Tips And Recipe For Your Dogs And Cats

A Common (But Serious) Problem Susie was out on a hike with her family. It was a glorious mid-spring afternoon. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Susie waited all week for this. It was her very favorite activity! When Susie wasn’t sniffing the...

Discovery of Vitality, Balance and Homeopathy

Graduating from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980 at age 30, I was not thinking at all holistically. I had done a two-day animal acupuncture class with the original U.S. founders of IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society),...

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