SUMMARY:​During tonight’s Empower Hour! webinar we hosted an inspiring speaker and Ayurveda teacher Mary Thompson. She presented the principles of Ayruveda and how to apply them in our pets’ lives. 

Mary reminded us that our pets are more than just bodies — they have a mind/body complex which determines the state of their health. True health for our pets is achieved by us making good choices for them that will align their natural rhythms rather than simply seeking “symptom relief”.

Symptoms are really just an indicator of an imbalance, and the ayurvedic approach seeks to understand the individual pet’s predisposition to make certain symptoms. In Ayurveda way of being (also known as it’s Dosha), so that we can detect an imbalance, remove it, and then prevent imbalances in the future.

Mary shared with us the three causes of disease: forgetting the true nature, misuse of the senses, and crimes against wisdom. We then learned about identifying and understanding our pet’s Dosha (or our pet’s way of being) and how to recognize and treat imbalances in each Dosha type. Dosha imbalances may create physical, mental or emotional problems for our dog or cat. As their humans, we often unknowingly create these imbalances in our pets. Addressing their diet and lifestyle needs using Ayurveda will be a very positive step in keeping our pets happy and healthy.

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