Suffering from decision fatigue? HMDM to the rescue

by | Sep 1, 2021

Our everyday lives are loaded with decision making (making a tooth paste choice alone is not the same as it used to be a hundred years ago), so decision fatigue is a very real thing.

And when we need to make decisions regarding our beloveds’ health, the stress level is so much higher. If you have a trusted team of medical professionals – that makes it easy. However, that is often not the case – holistic veterinarians are not available in many areas, and conventional veterinarians are overloaded with patients. Here is where we would like to step in and offer a tool that will make decision making less overwhelming.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Maimonides

HMDM, Holistic Medical Decision Making protocol, teaches you to fish so you can always make successful and mindful medical decisions for your pets.

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Every day we are bombarded by an unprecedented amount of information.

The easy Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM) Protocol will help you sort it all out to help your pets.

It’s only 3 Steps which anyone can learn and use.

However, before describing them, there’s one critical thing to learn.

Symptoms are not something to suppress or get rid off. Symptoms are clues to how your pet’s body is functioning.

Putting symptoms into Context and Interpreting them holistically leads to your veterinary decision making Empowerment.

It may help to know that:

  • Symptoms are your friends – they help you focus on your pet’s happiness and quality of life
  • Even when symptoms seem scary, try to embrace them
  • You can learn to use your pets’ symptoms to “fine-tune” their health
  • Eliminating symptoms too quickly can harm health
  • Seeing your pets’ symptoms in the context of their lives helps you make great health care decisions.

Now once we established that we are not going to get rid of symptoms but use them to understand better what is happening with the body, let’s jump into the Decision Making Protocol.



A powerful tool to help you make all medical and lifestyle decisions.

You notice your pet is “not acting like herself”. You are not sure if it is time to see the veterinarian. HMDM is the method to use! It is very simple and easy to learn. 


Is it to…

  • quickly resolve the current symptoms? Is this an urgent situation where I need to go right to the ER or local vet? 
  • improve overall vitality, happiness and balance, moving towards the possibility of vibrant health and prevent recurrence of symptoms and future dis-ease?


Make fully informed and educated decisions by…


    Take a sacred paws to digest your research and formulate, in writing, your next steps. Very helpful is using HMDM’s ASC method:

    [A] VOID known triggers, like specific foods, allergens, vaccines, toxins.
    [S] UPPORT your pet’s body with proper foods, exercise, breathing, massage, Reiki, flower essences, TLC, etc.
    [C] URE the internal energetic imbalance with homeopathic medicines, chiropractic, acupuncture (or other holistic practices).

      After any treatment or lifestyle change, reevaluate all current symptoms and overall well-being: Does your pet feel better overall in addition to the symptom improving? Or is a different or additional treatment needed? Continue to reevaluate frequently and adjust treatments until your pet is well in every way

      The path to making the best holistic medical decisions may seem daunting. But the key is for you to see the state of health as more than the absence of dis-ease.


      To understand how you can use HMDM in your life and holistic actions you can start taking now, take our free Holistic Pet Health 101 course.


      If you would like some extra guidance, Holistic Actions! All-Access membership now includes a free monthly 15 minute consultation with one of our faculty members to discuss your Holistic Medical Decision Making (in addition to unlimited questions & answers on member forum, weekly live webinars, and access to all our resources)To discuss Holistic Actions! you can start taking today to support your pets, just join as All-Access member and schedule time to talk.

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