HMDM In Action – 2 Cases

The following cases describe how Holistic Medical Decision Method can be used in everyday life.

case number 1 – Ear infection

Let’s say your dog has an ear “infection”. Despite what anyone says, you now know that it is related to other parts of her body and environment. 

Yet the current conventional treatment is simply to suppress the symptom without bothering to investigate the larger context of what’s causing the symptom in the first place. 

You’ve been down this path before, only this time, you’re not going to settle for simply suppressing the symptom and are determined to look deeper. Because you’ve been tracking BEAM, you notice that the ear issue comes back every few months. You now know the real problem isn’t being addressed. Suppressing the single symptom is just not working because the bigger picture isn’t being dealt with.

You notice that your pet’s ear is only slightly itchy but that the brown discharge from it is increasing. Your HMDM step 2 research told you that ear problems are related to allergies. You therefore decide to first try some gentle home care.

So you omit proteins that you started just before the ear symptoms began. Or gently support your pet’s body with probiotics, Reiki, Aloe vera, etc. Natural supportive care might be enough to resolve the problem once and for all.

Or you may notice that your pet is increasingly fussing with their ear, along with getting pickier at mealtime and not getting up to greet you after work.

You are understandably worried, so you check in with your holistic practitioner right away. Seeing the symptoms in the context of the whole help you have a better sense for how to move forward.

Your holistic vet has already tried different treatments, so she refers you to an experienced veterinary homeopath who begins treatment. Your pet’s BEAM symptoms improve right away, but the ear symptoms remain. But you continue to collect clues, and working together in this way, you and your veterinary homeopath use these clues to continually refine treatment. Over the course of a few months, not only does your pet’s ear improve, her appetite normalizes, she once more greets you after work, and she’s performing better than ever in agility and flyball.

case number 2 – Vomiting and not eating

Lola’s internal and external symptoms are another great example. She stopped eating and started acting nauseous and vomiting. Her liver tests were extremely elevated.

The conventional (and non-holistic) veterinarian wanted to start two anti-biotics, a steroid, and an appetite stimulant.

But Lola’s guardian knew to holistically look at Lola’s symptoms in context, and could tell that the course of action her conventional vet was promoting was not right. By looking at Lola’s symptoms in context, she made the connection that Lola had been exposed to toxins after playing on the grass of a golf course that had been chemically treated with pesticides. 

Because Lola’s guardian was a Holistic Actions! Member, she accessed the website and read the handouts on liver dis-ease. She then chose to contact her veterinary homeopath for a complete evaluation of Lola using the HMDM method.

While waiting for the phone consultation, Lola’s guardian supported her liver with Tru Benefits Hepato and Hepato Support. A few days later, the veterinary homeopath prescribed a remedy (a homeopathic medicine).

Lola started eating and stopped vomiting the day after it was administered. Even better was the immediate improvement in her energy and other BEAM symptoms. By her 14 day follow up she appeared 100% normal. Her liver enzyme values were also normalizing.

Lola’s case demonstrates the superior outcomes that can be achieved by looking at and addressing symptoms in context. Simply put, HMDM helps you make similar smart holistic medical decisions.