What You Can Do For Your Dog or Cat Having Seizures

What You Can Do For Your Dog or Cat Having Seizures

Homeopathic treatment can help any named dis-ease.

As long as sufficient vitality exists.

Animals have convulsions for various reasons.

We talked about them in much greater detail during the brain and behavior course.

But exactly what can you do if your pet has a seizure? And is already being treated with homeopathy.

In my homeopathic practice, here’s what we do.

Often the decision about what to give (homeopathically) is between Aconite (Acon.) and Belladonna (Bell.)

How do you decide which to use?

Based on the clues which the body generates secondary to physiologic changes which cause diagnostic test abnormalities.

In turn, these symptom changes are secondary to internal energetic imbalances.

What clues?


For any seizing patient whose symptoms correspond to the homeopathic medicine “picture”.

For any named dis-ease.

For example.

Restless —> Acon.

Lying in one spot not wanting to move —> Bell.

Fear —> Acon.

Dilated pupils —> Bell.

Thirsty —> Acon.

1-3 pellets added to 8 oz.  water.

Give 1 tsp.

Succuss 10x and give 1 tsp. whenever needed.

Dosing can be every few minutes to every few hours, days, or only once.

Regardless, if the doses are not helping, you probably need to switch to the other homeopathic medicine (which you did not choose). Or perhaps to another.

Based on the symptoms and your observations.

I hope you never have to use this.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

How Your Pet’s Behavior is Related to Brain Dis-eases Like Seizures

How Your Pet’s Behavior is Related to Brain Dis-eases Like Seizures

Some of you have asked, how behavior problems and brain dis-eases (“dis-ease” is another way of saying imbalance) are connected

That’s an easy one!

All parts of your pet’s body work together as a system. Not like a car made up of separate parts. A car may function normally with a broken tail light or window. You may not even know that there is a problem. This is not true of a computer or an animal.

The living being is a unified whole (as in “holistic”). Sensitive feedback mechanisms connect every part of the body.

For example, it is the brain that sees and hears. The bacteria that live in the guts effect the immune system and emotions! All parts of the body work together.

separation anxiety in a dog with brain disease curable with Holistic ActionsDaphne is a great example. She’s a six year young rescue Border Collie. Four years ago she started developing some fearful behavior. As the years went on, her odd behavior and fears worsened. She became over-sensitive to many noises and other environmental stimuli.

Then she started having seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her seizures were directly related to her odd behaviors, anxieties and fears.

At first her fears and seizures were rare, but over time they became more and more frequent. As her health worsened, her previously joyful life got smaller and smaller. She had to stop participating in her favorite agility classes, hikes, etc.

However, now that her seizures are under better control she is starting to get her life back. And her behavior is better.

Why? Because the seizures, like other brain dis-eases, are directly related to her behavior.

And there are very specific Holistic Actions! that you can take today which can help.

You can learn more about how to help your pets with behavior problems and brain dis-eases. Sign up to watch the webinar video and discussion by clicking here or using the button below.

Be well,

Dr. Jeff