What Cat Food Brands Would You Recommend?

Answered by Dr. Jeff Feinman

The answer is really no commercial brands, in that I, as a veterinarian that focuses on vitality and energy, I prefer fresh food feeding, meaning a non-processed, non-commercial cat food. But if you’re going to have a brand of cat food, make sure it’s a wet-canned cat food, not a dry cat food. 

I want to go a bit into the symptoms that your pet may have that tell you if s/he needs a diet upgrade. Those include dry coat, shedding a lot, dandruff, and low B.E.A.M (behavior, energy, appetite, mood). 

The number one treatment for those symptoms is to raise the quality of the food, going from commercial to fresh food. The food could be cooked or raw, anything that is given in variety and moderation. But certainly, stick with the wet food for cats. Dry food can predispose cats to things like obesity, diabetes, and other health issues including kidney disease. The number one treatment for a cat with an unknown diet is upgrading the diet to a fresh food.

I hope that answers your question. I’m Jeff Feinman, holistic veterinarian here in Weston, Connecticut, and I’m answering pet parent questions for HolisticActions!. Thank you for joining.

Related Symptoms: 

  • Decrease in BEAM
  • Dry and scaly coat
  • Digestive symptoms

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Dr. Jeff

Jeffrey Feinman, BA, VMD, CVH, graduated in 1985 from the University of Pennsylvania and was Penn’s first veterinary dual-degree University Scholar, holding both molecular biology and veterinary degrees. He is the founder of HolisticActions.com and dedicated to pet parent empowerment.

Dr. Jeff is devoted to researching about how to harness the innate power of the individual using Vitality and Balance. He and his wonderful wife Amy live with Archie, a rescue pup, and a Rex cat named Tigger.

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