Meet Razz

Razz has a great life! He gets to run with his guardian almost every day, loves playing, training and competing with other dogs.

He is so well-adjusted (“Bombproof” as Patti, Razz’s guardian says) because he has been holistically and homeopathically treated since he was a puppy. Actually, even before that since his breeder (also a veterinarian) was treating his mom homeopathically. But we’ll dive into improving health over the generations in another post or Empower Hour! online class.

Patti examines Razz closely every day. She removes any ticks, checks his ears, mouth etc. to make sure that he’s in tip top shape. One day she found a growth in his mouth that was not there the day before.

mouth tumor in dog sudden onset likely an epulis

“This wasn’t here the other day!”

Being a proactive pet parent, Patti coincidentally had her monthly routine recheck for Razz the next day. During the appointment, all of Razz’s current symptoms were evaluated. Even though the new mouth tumor was Patti’s main concern.

This allowed a medicine to be found that addressed Razz’s totality. Not just the tumor.

Within a week Patti noticed that the tumor was almost gone. Holistically individualizing Razz’s symptoms allowed us to harness the healing power of nature. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were avoided!

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Be well.

Dr. Jeff

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