How to Help Reactive Pets

During this weekly Holistic Actions! webinar, trainer extraordinaire, author and podcast host Sarah Hodgson shared a lot of great information about how to help reactive pets (hint-many of them need more sleep)!

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:50 Reactivity in pets
  • 06:50 How pets view world
  • 12:00 #1 unmet need in pets – sleep
  • 19:00 Pet emotions
  • 35:10 Training pets & people

Some Takeaways:

? Pet behavior is not good or bad. It is simply an action pets use to express emotion to a stimulus. We get to interpret the behavior and either reinforce or redirect.

? One majorly overlooked reason for reactive behaviors in pets is simply too little sleep! Young puppies and kittens should sleep 18-20 hours each day. While adult dogs need 14-16 hours of sleep, and cats ~17. Is your pet getting enough sleep?

? Teach dogs that when you are home you may be present but not always available, that way they will learn to not always be “in your business” and instead get enough rest even if you are at home.

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