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Learn the fundamentals of promoting, maintaining, or restoring your pet’s balance and vitality with a new understanding of health and dis-ease

Understand how to optimize your pet’s nutrition with fresh-food feeding, increase their happiness with enrichment activities, and use symptoms as valuable clues. Get eye-opening perspectives on vaccination and insights you can implement today that will improve every aspect of your pet’s life.

Empower yourself with topic-specific resources

Explore our vast library of articles, handouts, and videos to get guidance on how to address your specific concerns. Examples of topics include puppy training, allergies, behavioral challenges, eye and ear issues, cancer, diabetes, weight loss, and much, much more — more than two dozen topics in all.

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Think of the forum as the Holistic Actions! hub for viewing discussions about anything and everything related to holistic pet care. Because the forum is completely searchable, you can easily identify and access conversations related to thousands of questions.

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These faculty-led webinars cover dozens of different topics and concerns in great detail.

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Take advantage of our concierge (customized consultation) service to feel even more confident that you’re making the right holistic medical decisions for your pet. Concierge service gives you exclusive access to the entire Holistic Actions! team of more than ten licensed veterinarians and Holistic Medical Decision Making experts.

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Personally connect with a Holistic Actions! faculty member every month for a 15-minute phone call or video chat to discuss your pet’s challenges and to receive individualized support and guidance.

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Attend weekly Pet Health Webinars, live webinars led by various members of the Holistic Actions! faculty. Learn with your fellow Academy members, deepen your understanding of the topics you’re most interested in, and get answers to your question right there in the webinar! And if you can’t attend, you have 24/7 access to all recordings of them, with new ones added weekly!