Hydration: How To Really Drink Water

The founder of the Hydration Foundation and an inspiring speaker, Gina Bria joined us to share about the aspects of water most of us are not aware of. She shared many compelling tidbits about water, hydration, and energy, including the use of light and movement to help your pet’s bodies to be the best that they can be. Enjoy!

  •  00:00 Introductions
  • 01:45 Gina shares her story – how desert dwellers hydrate / 3 important things about water
  • 04:50 States of water / plasma phase water
  • 15:00 Water through foods
  • 17:40 Structured water – plasma – EZ water / water filtration
  • 26:30 Importance of fascia
  • 33:30 Q&A: water for cats / chia seeds
  • 39:00 Q&A: drinking mineral water
  • 39:40 Q&A: foraging / nutrition 
  • 42:20 Frequencies, sound & light
  • 46:24 Q&A: growing foods in greenhouses rather than foraging / soil health
  • 55:10 Your body is a body of water / sharing your feeling

Here are a few takeaways that are worth mentioning and integrating for a richer and healthier experience of life:

  • We are one of many water creatures in a water filled environment. And that water is a powerful information delivery system – bringing information from one place to another. When eating a basil leaf or a mushroom, we don’t just take in a H2O molecule, it’s much more complex than that. Water brings all the information from the plant: from season to moon cycles, weather patterns, to bacteria ecosystem in the soil, and much more! Science is only starting to comprehend what it all actually means.
  • We’ve learned that water has 3 phases: liquid, gas (vapor) and solid (ice). However, there might be many more that we haven’t recognized yet. One of those phases is “plasma” (also called E.Z, structured, hexagonal, etc.) water. It’s molecularly different and has a different purpose in the body. Liquid water that we drink has more of a cleansing purpose (think urinary system), plasma water is what lives inside our cells. Consuming plasma water or helping body to make plasma water is what is crucial for hydration.
  • Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. AND it’s a water delivery system. As we move, fascia moves and delivers water to the cells, that’s why movement may be even more important than drinking 8 glasses a day.
  • Sound is hydrating. Same as sunlight. They both help water organize itself to be more efficient to hydrate and pass the information. Consider spending more time in the sunlight or getting an infrared lamp for hydrating and healing.
  • The last point made at our water webinar is about farming practices. Since water carries information, farming practices are very important – herb growing in the wild will collect completely different information than the one in the greenhouse or mono-crop environment with depleted soil. Food grown using structured water in farming practices, as well as biodynamic farming, is imprinted with very different information – much higher intelligence if you will. So start paying attention to where your food comes from and maybe how you can introduce more foraged foods into your body.

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