One Health Medicine: Reconnecting People, Pets, and the Planet to Restore Vitality, Balance, Health, Healing, and Happiness

We are all connected. This truth is the basis for One Health Medicine — a paradigm of health, healing, and happiness that reconnects us to ourselves, other living beings, and the world around us. (And also reconnects diverse fields of study — ancient and modern, scientific and social, ecological and energetic — that have too long been divided.)

And although we shouldn’t need research to tell us what many of us know in our hearts, scientific studies into the One Health paradigm of medicine is demonstrating its veracity. They’re also revealing how fragmented, ineffective, and often harmful much of what passes for modern healthcare has become.


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“A Paradigm Shift is Urgently Required”

The following quote from the One Health roadmap to health puts this truth in no uncertain terms:

“The current fragmented framework of health governance for humans, animals and environment, together with the conventional linear approach to solving current health problems, is failing to meet today’s health challenges and is proving unsustainable.

In the conventional model advances in healthcare depend increasingly on intensive interventions, technological developments and expensive pharmaceuticals.

There is an ever-growing disconnect between human health, animal health and environmental and ecosystems health. Gains in human development have come with often-unrecognized negative consequences that are damaging to ecosystems.

A paradigm shift is urgently required to de-sectoralize human, animal, plant and ecosystem health and to take a more integrated approach to health.”

The takeaway here is that until the practice of human and veterinary medicine takes the One Health paradigm seriously, health and happiness for all living things will remain forever elusive. (And that in the act of chasing this health and happiness through a fragmented approach, we are fated to do potentially irreparable damage.)


one health medicine, holistic pet care

The One Health Paradigm is Set to Become the Future of Medicine

The many failures of the management of the global pandemic have served to increase the need for and hasten the adoption of a new standard of practice built on the principles of One Health Medicine. In 2022, we are seeing more and more doctors, patients, scientists, activists, and everyday people adopt and embrace this timeless yet revolutionary paradigm.

At Holistic Actions!, in conjunction with our Vitality & Balance model, we integrate the profound insights from the One Health model into veterinary medicine to promote, restore, and sustain health, healing, and happiness.


By reconnecting to the fundamental unity of people, pets, and our planet, we can at last lay the foundations to survive, thrive, and create the better world that has too long been waiting for us.


If you’d like to support this world-changing effort, please consider donating to our many efforts to implement and advance the One Health Paradigm through the Holistic Actions Foundation. (Visit this page to learn in detail about the many exciting projects we are involved in to give companion animals — and those who love them — the healthy, happy life they deserve!)


one health medicine, holistic pet care

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