One Way to Re-Connect Nature and Veterinary Medicine

by | Jul 4, 2020


An increasing body of research is showing that pets, people and the planet are all interconnected.

This interrelationship is called One Health and helps scientists “translate” vital new information from one field of study in another.

Here’s a quote from the One Health roadmap to health:

Holistic pet care
 “The current fragmented framework of health governance for humans, animals and environment, together with the conventional linear approach to solving current health problems, is failing to meet today’s health challenges and is proving unsustainable.

In the conventional model, advances in healthcare depend increasingly on intensive interventions, technological developments and expensive pharmaceuticals.

There is an ever-growing disconnect between human health, animal health and environmental and ecosystems health. Gains in human development have come with often-unrecognized negative consequences that are damaging to ecosystems.

A paradigm shift is urgently required to de-sectoralize human, animal, plant and ecosystem health and to take a more integrated approach to health.”
This shift to One Health (OH) facilitates using human health information for the welfare of companion animals.

2020 is the year when OH can help doctors, patients, scientists, activists and any human being concerned about health to focus on the balance between science, nature, and healing to help everyone survive and thrive.

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