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Hi Lisa, I live in St. Aug & would love to connect with you. If you'd like, please phone me @ 904-679-4325, lv voice msg w/yr ph #, I'd love to get acquainted & help in any way that I can.
Greetings: I saw your name in a reply post regarding getting a source for plant sterols? Is there a compounded version my vet would have access to--thanks
Hi Dr. Christina,
I live in Canada near Toronto and I need to find a Holistic homeopathic veterinarian here, to take my dog.

About 2 months ago, I realized that some masses are coming out around the nipples and I want to know how I can help her.
Thank you
Hey Lylian!
I'm from Brampton, Ontario
I dont know how far you are willing to go but i found a really good Holistic Homeopathic Vet in Newmarket! Dr. Sasan Haghighat is truly an amazing & compassionate vet that really knows what hes doing! i'd highly reccomend checking him out :)
Ask me about simple Holistic Actions! and any cooking questions. Let's share our knowledge and help each other!
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I understand that a cancer prevention diet may not be the same as a diet that would be used once cancer has been diagnosed. Since that dx we have been focusing on organic vegetables, fruits and lean organic meats. Intermittent fasting has also been suggested. Any recipes or tips you can offer would also be most appreciated. TY

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