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16 YO feline-IBD/CKD/anxiety.

Switched to wet food diet. Now 5 stools/day , little to no form, occasional blood. Added psyllium and dry food for fiber (50% of total), supplements -NO improvement, symptoms worse.
Ultrasound showed thickening small intestine; on 5 mg prednisolone bid.

Not sure where to go from her Would welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks! Deb
re: diet 16 YO cat IBD/CKD.
transitioning to wet but IBD worse; on 5 mg prednisolone for IBD already. 3-4 BM/day, 70% formed to "cow pies". SP Feline renal/SP enteric support; 2 days at full dose. Stools worsened w/50%wet food/50% dry (with some kidney diet dry mixed in.) eats well; weight stable; back end increasingly uncomfortable/irritated
Dosing psyllium in am. 1 teaspoon 1-2 x a day ???
Thanks ,Deb
Dr. Beal,

RE: 16 yo female DSH with CKD, Stage 2, and IBD. Dr. Jeff suggested I message re: Standard Process Feline Renal Formula and difficulties with diet. Raw food (A NO GO) & working for more wet diet with great difficulty. The more wet/liquid food, IBD symptoms worsen. appt Dr. Jeff yesterday, 9/17. Any suggestions/info?? Thank you! Deb Fromhart


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Hi Lisa, I live in St. Aug & would love to connect with you. If you'd like, please phone me @ 904-679-4325, lv voice msg w/yr ph #, I'd love to get acquainted & help in any way that I can.
Greetings: I saw your name in a reply post regarding getting a source for plant sterols? Is there a compounded version my vet would have access to--thanks

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