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Hi Ginny! I see you’re online here! Just want to say how much I love & appreciate your brilliant and thoughtful comments on the Zooms! I resonate with you and would love to connect offline if you like. lauren.hoover@gmail.com
I am slowly trying to Implement + changes: environmental, food: Small Batch frozen topped w bone broth, essences, snuffle mat with dried chic hearts (it's a hilarious scene); want to intro EO's & heart support. I welcome ANY suggestions you may have to facilitate Nino's healing journey: to add or eliminate to prolong his Vitality & liFELINE.

Be Well,

Dr Jean,

In Mon's webinar you had a great reco for a more natural type of cat litter: grass seed. Can you offer your PURRferred brand/type. We use Worlds Best corn litter, and wonder if that can be a precipitating trigger to Nino's (8 y/o M Coon mix dx Feline Asthma and HCM) respiratory system? We run Rabbit Air purifier non-stop in my home, purchased in ~2008. Could that be detrimental vs. productive? Ozone?

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