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holistic pet health 101

Holistic Pet health 101


  • Learn the fundamentals of promoting, maintaining, or restoring your pet’s vitality and balance with a new understanding of health and dis-ease.
  • Understand how to optimize your pet’s nutrition using fresh-food feeding.
  • Increase your pet’s happiness with enrichment activities.
  • Learn how to use symptoms as valuable clues to your pet’s health.
  • Get eye-opening perspectives on vaccinations.
  • Receive insights you can implement today to improve every aspect of your pet’s life.
Meditation with pets

3 Day Reset


This is not a course, but a 3-day email “challenge”.  You’ll receive an email each day for 3 days once you sign up.  Each email will provide a video that guides you through that day’s grounding practice. You perform each day’s practice, but the effect they create will ripple to your animal companions. These practices are led by inspiring Holistic Actions! teachers and are an excellent way to uplevel your self-care with minimal commitment and maximum impact! 

nutrition toolkit

Registering for the Nutrition Toolkit gives you immediate access to 20+ information-packed webinars hosted by experienced veterinarians and other pet health & wellness experts. You’ll feel educated, empowered, and supported to take your pet’s nutrition to the next level. Webinars include: Mindful feeding, Probiotics, Fermented foods, Fresh food feeding, Supplements, etc. Plus you’ll get a comprehensive illustrated fillable handout on taking your pet’s nutrition to the next level: includes a worksheet to help you decide what works best for your family.

anxiety relief toolkit

Learn effective, natural anxiety prevention and management strategies from the expert faculty of Holistic Actions! & guests. This toolkit gives you access to 11+ recorded webinars on addressing anxiety, 6 handouts and ebooks, plus recordings of a wonderful virtual de-stress with your pet retreat. In addition to feeling more confident managing your pet’s anxiety, you will learn some tools for managing yours, as well.

lyme course

Lyme dis-ease — and conventional approaches to diagnosing and treating it — can be one of the most confusing and troubling health challenges a pet parent can face! But this course will leave you clear and confident about moving forward! In it, you’ll learn the truth about Lyme, along with natural ways of protecting your pet and supporting their immune system. You’ll also meet Larry, a chronic Lyme sufferer, and get a “paws on the ground” understanding of how holistic and homeopathic methods can successfully treat what may be one of the most mysterious and misunderstood of all maladies!


This course is designed to shed light on neutering. Whether you have firm beliefs or are exploring options, it will help you understand what neutering is, how it affects animals’ bodies and health, and what sterilization alternatives you have.  

After the course, you will be able to make the best choice for yourself and your pet.

hospice fundamentals course

Many pet parents want to learn more about animal hospice in general – and holistic animal hospice care in particular – to help their loved ones live the best life possible each and every day. This course will help you do just that by exploring animal hospice, looking at misconceptions about pain and dying, delving into holistic animal hospice care at BrightHaven (including the BrightHaven Menu for Healing, designed to achieve an optimal state of balance at every life stage) and showing you practicalities of holistic animal hospice care that you can apply right away. Created by

navigating a terminal diagnosis course

One of the most difficult things for any pet parent to hear is that your animal’s illness is terminal. What do I do now? How can I best support my animal friend? What is the best way forward for our family? 

With this course, we wish to help you navigate this path with a deeper sense of peace, confidence and clarity. We will walk you through practical tools that will help you make the best decisions for your loved one, and we’ll explore types of grief and self-care for the caregiver practices. Help your animal live well (and fully!) through the last breath! Created by