Treating Symptoms Like Weeds In Your Garden

by | May 19, 2017

Some quick thoughts while weeding my garden this morning.

Improving health is like gardening.

We know that contact with soil is healthful. For various reasons.

You’ll also have healthier animals when you work along with mother nature.

Not against her.

Many of our pet’s health challenges come from becoming dis-connected from nature.

Treating your garden and lawn with toxic chemicals may make it look good. For now.

Everything you do, including pulling weeds by hand, is more effective if you follow the laws of nature.

Weeding works great if you remove the weed roots. In addition to the visible parts above the surface.

Some especially problematic weeds are like chronic dis-eases. They can be difficult to eliminate.

Like deep internal imbalances, if you only remove part of them they keep coming back.

Much like superficially removing symptoms while leaving the underlying imbalance (the “roots” of the disease).

Weeds and chronic dis-eases keep coming back.

The bigger and more obvious the weed, the easier to extract.

If you recognize the weed you can pull it out early before it gets entangled in the normal plantings.

Keep working to remove the roots of dis-eases (other posts discuss how).

Patience and perseverance pay off both in gardening and pet care.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff


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