Can Nutritional Supplements Hurt Your Pets?

by | Oct 31, 2017

We live in a fast-paced society. We want quick results. Especially when our beloved pets develop scary symptoms.

Drugs are designed to eliminate these symptoms. And in many cases, they do this quite effectively.

At the same time, many of us have become more holistically-oriented. We prefer to avoid artificial drugs when possible. Especially since we know that many of them can have harmful side effects, including death.

That’s where supplements come in. A healthier and more natural alternative.

To Supplement Or Not To Supplement?

Extensive research shows that some of these natural drugs are very effective. Healing mechanisms of the body can be supported by nutritional supplements. That’s a good thing.

But is it all good?


Two reasons.

The most common is that supplements can be used to hide important symptom clues. Covering them up, like drugs often do, can actually slow down the deep healing process that leads to happier and longer lives for our pets.

Even food can be used to do the same thing. One example is the pup that “needs” to eat a special diet or else he gets diarrhea, or itchy skin (or some other symptom).

The diet is being used to cover up symptoms.

The real problem in this case is that the allergic threshold is too low. The food is being used to cover up symptoms that are important and helpful to monitor and treat directly.

In this case, an underlying immune hypersensitivity causes the low allergy threshold. But the symptom clues are being covered up. So the real problem can’t be treated directly.

Don’t Cover-Up The Symptoms

Why should we avoid covering up these symptoms? Because the result of internal treatment is that fewer foods trigger an allergic reaction. Sometimes even resolution of otherwise “incurable” allergies.

Seeing and treating the underlying dis-ease (imbalance) is important to resolving the symptoms that caused the use of drugs or supplements in the first place.

The second, but much less common problem with supplement use is that they can increase the work of important organs like the liver and kidneys. Again, slowing down, and even worsening health.

So mindful use of supplements can help. But overuse can hurt.

This may seem confusing and contradictory, but it’s really not.

If you have any questions about how nutritional supplementation can be helpful, or harmful, feel free to post them in the private Holistic Actions! Facebook group.

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