How would you like to be able to help restore balance in your pets’ bodies in a free and 100% safe way?

That’s what Reiki can do. It is a form of medicine that uses your own healing energy and intention guided by the unknown spirit of nature that is all around us.

Think of it this way – Reiki harnesses that feeling inside you when you are thinking of hope, or when you remember sweet moments with your beloved (human or animal).

The intention of Reiki is to hold yourself and others in that compassionate light, not needing to fix anything, just trusting that all is well and we are whole, perfect and complete in this very moment. 

Reiki is being used in both human and vet hospitals to reduce pain and improve quality of life for patients.

You can read this peer-reviewed study of Reiki.

Some may think that using Reiki requires special training. While Reiki classes are available in person and online around the world. It can also be done right just by meditating with your animals. Once you allow yourself to feel the light within, every being around can respond to it.

Watch/listen to 5min guided Reiki Meditation

One important concept that Reiki can teach us is to focus on quality of life and not any specific symptom. Reiki healing can help any living being have the best life possible.  Health is freedom and to heal means to regain it and reduce suffering. 

Reiki can be used for every living being in your house (including plants). And you can offer it to everyone at the same time, no need to focus on one being.

Animal Reiki

Animals may be more sensitive to Reiki than people so they may not want your hands on them. When you practice animal Reiki let the animals take the lead and guide you to what they want. Some may come and curl up in your lap and seem to request a hands on approach while other walk away.  

Animal Reiki starts with intention, is based on animal’s choice, and uses your focus and presence. It’s not about whether the animal is cured, but if they find peace in the process. Reiki is healing of the spirit – it may not lift the dis-ease, but will lift suffering.

When you are doing Reiki for your animals you will benefit as well, with stress relief, deep relaxation, feeling of peace and wellbeing. When you feel better your animals also feel better which promotes healing.

Animal Reiki helps us remember that all is well. One of the best things you can offer is your presence and animals can feel that.

It does not cost anything and may help, so give Reiki a try.



Watch our webinar with animal reiki master Kathleen Prasad