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Love therapy for pet

You remember that Beatles’ classic “All You Need is Love”? Stories, songs, and media of all kinds, keep coming back to the idea that “Love is the greatest power.” We smile and nod at the sentiment, but what if there are real scientifically measurable benefits to love? What if these can powerfully impact our pets’ health and well-being? Let us introduce you to Love Therapy!

Love Therapy

The scientific evidence continues to show that love, happiness, and most actions which can help our pets thrive, come from the heart, not the head. 

Everything we share here at Holistic Actions! is based on these same concepts. 

Love Therapy is as simple as engaging with your pet and saying “I love you” whenever you see them. The more often you say it, the more powerful the healing effect. A strong and genuine intention behind the words is key!

Is Love Therapy Just a Woo-woo?

Now we know what you’re thinking: What’s the big deal? Why does this matter? It all sounds warm and fuzzy, but where are the facts?

The theory that our thoughts can have an effect on our outcomes is well-established in psychology. This powerful effect of mindset is exemplified by the “Positive Medicine” movement. Drs. Jordyn Feingold and Scott Barry Kaufman’s handbook demonstrates how people can use mindset to transcend their own emotional and physical issues. 

More and more research in the fields of consciousness and healing indicate that Love affects not just ourselves, but has a wider range of influence. The Heart Math Institute is one of the awesome research-based scientific communities that are showing us that “adding heart to our daily activities and connections produces measurable benefits to our own and others’ well-being.”  Dr. Allen Schoen is a leader in this field. You can listen to Allen expound on the heart-to-heart connection between people and pets:

Author Robert Kopecky’s article sums this all up in a wonderful way by saying:

Love is the “…simplest solution to every misdirected ill and injury ever perpetrated within our sphere of consciousness. Every problem, approached with Love, finds its proper solution; every injury, treated with Love, finds a spontaneous (sometimes miraculous) cure…”

You can also browse our Forum for many more stories about the effects of love people have seen with their pets!

Love Therapy is a simple, cost-effective, and rewarding strategy to add to your pet-care toolbox. Telling your pet “I love you,” gazing at them affectionately, and just calling their name are all ways to put it into practice.


What is one step you will take to add more of Love’s

wholesome power to your pet’s life?

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