Intention and Energy For Healing Pets: Interspecies Communication

Have you ever considered the profound impact of where you direct your attention?

The saying “where attention goes, energy flows” underscores the power of our focus in shaping our reality. And it is that simple!

Before attention can manifest its transformative energy, it must be guided by intention.

Intention provides clarity and purpose to our actions and thoughts.

When we set a clear intention, we create a pathway for our attention to follow, channeling our energy towards a specific goal or area of our lives.

As our energy becomes concentrated in that direction, we witness growth and transformation, whether it’s within our bodies or in various aspects of our lives.

Intention –> Attention –> Energy –> Growth

What intention will you set today not only for yourself but also for your cherished furry companions?



Enjoy this enriching webinar experience with Ana Maria Vasquez, a multi-sensory animal & nature intuitive, author, and shamanic practitioner.

Ana Maria possesses a unique talent for translating profound animal wisdom into practical insights, guiding us to align with spiritual principles for transformative living.

Discover the depth of your connection with animals and explore how their messages can enhance your daily life.

As an expert in deciphering the energy behind animal behavior and symptoms, Ana Maria reveals how these insights reflect our own energetic patterns. By delving into this exploration, you’ll gain tools to shift not only your animal’s symptoms but also your own energetic blocks.

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