Heal Your Pet With a Hug

by | Jul 3, 2017

While researching the connection between wellness and vitality, I came across an article with the intriguing title of:

“Therapeutic Touch Affects DNA Synthesis and Mineralization of Human Osteoblasts in Culture”

This is not some woo-woo research. It’s from a conventional medical center published in a mainstream journal.

The article shows positive, statistically-significant, effects on living cells under laboratory conditions. Osteosarcoma (bone cancer cells) were influenced just by holding them.

Wow! More food for thought.

This is even more evidence of a life-giving energy (“vitality”). And it can be transferred through touch.

There’s already plenty of research showing the many positive effects from healing touch. Wound healing, behavior problems, carpal tunnel syndrome (in people) etc.

You can incorporate this in your pet’s wellness program today.

Hug, pet and “love up” your companion animal’s today.


Dr. Jeff