Understanding Holistic Actions!

3 Main principles

Holistic Actions! is a platform for all animal guardians to find holistic solutions to their animal’s heath, happiness and wellbeing.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the main principles our work is based on.

At the end of the webinar you will know how to make holistic medical decisions with more confidence. Scroll down for other actions you can take to dive deeper into holistic living and have happier and healthier pets (and save on vet bills).

Principle #1. Learn to maintain health and restore wellness, holistically

Holism, from the Greek “holos” meaning all, whole or entire, considers everything that might affect the body, inside and out. By creating wellness and vitality within, our animals are resilient enough to withstand the stresses of an often less than optimal environment.

Our daily decisions – such as what to feed, how often to vaccinate (if at all) and how to treat health challenges – matter. Healthy animals get sick less frequently, recover more quickly from illness and cost less in veterinarian fees. Our beloved companion animals deserve the best we can give them. By working in harmony with Mother Nature and harnessing the healing ability of the body, your dogs and cats can enjoy health and vitality into old age.

Principle #2. Empower Yourself To Make Medical Decision With HMDM

Through our Holistic Medical Decision-Making (HMDM) programme, we give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your pet’s health, and give them the priceless gift of wellness.

Even the healthiest companion animal gets injured or sick. Although 24 hour ER and referral centres save lives, many visits and expensive treatment can be easily and safely reduced. HMDM will show you how you can safely make these decisions, and ease the worry of expensive medical bills.

The empowerment you gain by using the HMDM approach will help you understand when the ER visit and expensive tests are really needed, and when it’s safe to wait. HMDM will allow you to take back control of your pet’s healthcare. Understanding symptoms holistically and their relative importance is the first step to good decision-making.

Principle #3. Don’t Do It Alone – Gather A Support Team

When you become empowered through Holistic Actions! you move from the sidelines to become an integral part of your companion animal’s healthcare team, making joint decisions about their care. You are never alone in these decisions – Holistic Actions! is by your side every step of the way, helping you keep your pets happy and healthy.

What’s Next?

Depending on where you are on your holistic journey, here are a few options you have for deeper dive:


Follow our roadmap on what are the next steps you should take. Research the large library of articles written by our faculty members on a big variety of topics.


Learn the main essentials you need to know to start implementing holistic actions in your life: from what to feed to where to find a holistic veterinarian.


Join Holistic Actions! and become a member. Get access to holistic veterinarians, all courses, webinars, dive deep into homeopathy and become part of the community.