Understanding Holistic Actions!

Learn about the approach at Holistic Actions! There is always a choice that works with nature and harnesses the healing ability of the body. Working with the body allows all species to live long lives, with the best quality of life possible.

Our Daily Decisions Matter

Our daily decisions – such as what to feed, how often we vaccinate (if at all) and how we treat health challenges – matter. Healthy animals get sick less frequently, recover more quickly from illness and cost less in veterinarian fees. Our beloved companion animals deserve the best we can give them. By working in harmony with Mother Nature and harnessing the healing ability of the body, your dogs and cats can enjoy health and vitality into old age. Through our Holistic Medical Decision-Making (HMDM) programme, we give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your pet’s health, and give them the priceless gift of wellness.

How do I make holistic medical decisions?

Does it make sense to reduce any one of your important daily medical decisions into just one piece of the whole? Should you treat an ear “infection” as a separate or unrelated problem without considering all of the other parts of the body and environment?

Learn to maintain health and restore wellness, holistically

Holism, from the Greek “holos” meaning all, whole or entire, considers the everything that might affect the body, inside and out. By creating wellness and vitality within, our animals are resilient enough to withstand the stresses of an often less than optimal environment.

Make confident decisions

When you become empowered through Holistic Actions! you move from the sidelines to become an integral part of your companion animal’s healthcare team, making joint decisions about their care. You are never alone in these decisions – Holistic Actions! is by your side every step of the way, helping you keep your pets happy and healthy.


As you learn more about your pet’s care, your decision-making confidence will grow and your fear of disease and symptoms will reduce.

Understanding Holistic Medical Decision-Making

Even the healthiest companion animal gets injured or sick. Although 24 hour ER and referral centres save lives, many visits and expensive treatment can be easily and safely reduced. HMDM will show you how you can safely make these decisions, and ease the worry of expensive medical bills.

In 1987, there were few places to go for emergency vet care

If your pup cut his pad at the park or your kitty couldn’t urinate, there were only a few places to go. Some areas had veterinary ERs that were open all night but closed during the day and twenty-four hour facilities were limited to 19 vet schools and a few large referral centers like the Animal Medical Center (AMC) in Manhattan and Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston.


Focused on emergency treatments

Back then, injuries were the most common cause for a trip to the ER while  severe acute dis-eases made up most of the others – repeated retching and vomiting, bloat or acute collapse from a bleeding tumor or inability to urinate.


The 24-hour Hospital

Nowadays it’s become much easier to visit the twenty-four hour veterinary hospital. There’s usually one right down the road.  Diarrhea accidents in the house or a persistent limp may merit a visit. There’s one big problem with this scenario: this increase in the more routine use of the ER is increasing your vet bills – often unnecessarily. But does this increase in ER visits results in healthier animals with longer lives?

When is an ER visit really needed?

The empowerment you gain by using the HMDM approach will help you understand when the ER visit and expensive tests are really needed, and when it’s safe to wait. HMDM will allow you to take back control of your pet’s healthcare. Understanding symptoms holistically and their relative importance is the first step to good decision-making. By incorporating holistic thinking and applying HMDM, you can turn the clock back to 1987 and safely reduce your ER visits and save money – and visit ER only when absolutely necessary.

What can I do now?

Apply the Holistic Medical Decision Making Framework:

  1. Define your treatment goal like health maintenance, better agility performance or working through a health challenge.
  2. Investigate all of the possible prevention and treatment options, including risks and benefits.
  3. Implement your choice and evaluate the results, e.g did the diet change help the diarrhoea or dry itchy skin, or is a treatment change needed?

This summary of the method may seem simple, but it’s extremely effective. Best yet, you can start using it today!

You can learn to promote wellness and treat sickness.

In some cases, medical mysteries can be unraveled and quality of life restored by using this approach. All living beings can benefit.

You don’t have to be a doctor or be medically trained or even have any medical or biology background to apply it. You just have to be prepared to learn.

You may very well feel confident deciding what to do on your own or with your trusted non-vet advisors. If you don’t, holistic vet experts can apply the full approach.

The path to making the best holistic medical decisions may seem daunting. In a way, it is, because there is no one right direction but dogma (and catma) are not useful when making medical decisions of any kind.

This approach is not quick because it sees the state of health as more than the absence of dis-ease. A healthy body and mind result in freedom from life-limiting signs and symptoms like pain, discomfort, fears and anxieties, etc. Freedom to live life to its fullest every day. As animals are blessed to be able to do.