Fresh food is healthiest for us. There’s lots of research that shows this.

Eating fresh food prevents and reverses many dis-eases like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, obesity, etc.

It’s easy and affordable to do.

You can help your pets the same way.

Why not start today? Amy shows you one way in the video at the bottom of this page.

The main obstacle seems to be the concern about balance. Rightfully so if you are feeding the same food at every meal. But your pet needs variety in her diet if you want her to be as healthy as possible.

Balance of each meal becomes less critical the more you vary the diet.

It’s the same way you “balance” your own food. Balance is achieved over time though species-appropriate variety.

What does species-appropriate mean for dogs and cats? Animal proteins from meat and edible meaty raw bones.

Add calcium and taurine (for cats) to the fresh food meals if you’re not feeding raw variety yet. You can also add one of the widely-available multi-vitamin and mineral supplements designed for fresh food.

Sharing your healthy food is one of the simplest ways to add variety and freshness to your pets diets.

Even if you don’t cook for yourself, you can start right now. Add some of the food you have in the refrigerator or that you are preparing right now (as long as it has no grapes, raisins or chocolate) to her next meal.

Whether it’s chopped up fresh vegetables, fruits or raw meats.

You can also quickly and easily make a meal to share by using an “Instant Pot”.

Amy shows you exactly how to do so in the video below:

Download our recipes so you can start incorporating fresh food into your pets’ diet today. You may use instapot, crockpot or just a regular pot. Good luck and let us know how your furry friends like them!