Can My Pets Eat Tofu?

by | Apr 9, 2017

Amy (my wife) asked about giving her uneaten Tofu to Vanya (our pup).

My short answer? “Absolutely!”

The less satisfying and longer answer is “it depends”.

Ideally you want to consider these factors before you try Tofu:

  1. Feed tofu ONLY if the soy is certified organic or not from genetically modified (GM) soy.
  2. Minimize or avoid tofu as a nutritional source in some cases (based on context). For example, if the mild synthetic estrogenic effect of the tofu is contraindicated (ask your vet if you’re unsure).
  3. Tofu and soy are actually beneficial for managing incontinence. Because of the effect mentioned above. Tofu will help tighten up the urinary passage and reduce, and even stop, urine leakage. Especially In female dogs that were spayed when immature.

Bottom line?

Tofu is usually fine to feed. Just not large amounts. As part of feeding variety.

Variety. Moderation. Fresh. That’s almost always the answer.

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