How the B.E.A.M. Symptoms Can Transport Your Itchy Pet To Better Health

by | May 2, 2017

Hot spots and skin infections are dangerous.

When you look good you feel good.

Neither is true.

Yet they motivate us to act rashly when caring for our beloved companion animals.

Believing these fallacies can harm our pets (and ourselves!). We’re afraid of the possibility of self -trauma breaking the skin and causing (secondary) bacterial and yeast infections. We get scared of skin symptoms so we cover them up. Quickly. Often with very strong medications.

Fear is the motivator of a lot that we do. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Rapid removal of skin symptoms may help us sleep better (no itching to wake us up) and help our animals look good externally. But at what price? Shorter lives. Lower quality of life. Aren’t these most important?

Let’s put it all together

By doing so, they can both look good and feel good. And live longer. We can have our 30 year old cats and 15 year old Great Danes back!

How? By balancing our quick action and rush visits to the veterinarian with mindful treatment. Get that exam and treatment opinion. Visit the vet dermatologist if needed. They can help you identify and avoid your companion animal’s allergic triggers.

Then pause. Let the wisdom of the body be your guide. Take advantage of the sacred paws that helps you do what is best for you and your animal. Especially when it comes to removing rashes. There’s no need to be afraid of them and immediately treat them aggressively with steroids (or Atopica, or Apoquel, or Cytopoint, etc.).

We’re blessed with clues from the Vital body. The greater the Vitality, the stronger the clues. Use them. Don’t lose them (symptom clues). Symptoms and their treatment don’t need to scare you into quick action. There is a simple way to calm the frantic fears that are shortening our pet’s lives.

That is by following the B.E.A.M. symptoms. Knowing and using them will make a huge difference in quality and length of life. B.E.A.M. puts skin symptoms back where they belong. Into the overall context of having a healthy pet. Not just one that temporarily looks good and seems to feel better.

So what are these “magical” B.E.A.M. symptoms?

  1. B=Behavior
  2. E=Energy
  3. A=Appetite
  4. M=Mood

Simple, right? Yes. Simple but powerful. Using them will let your animals shine. B.E.A.M. symptoms should not be getting worse during treatment. No matter how you do it. If any of them are worsening, stop what you’re doing. Re-evaluate. Look at the bigger picture. Interpret skin symptoms within the context of long-term health.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

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