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Allergies are one of the most common health challenges faced by both pets and people. If your furry companion suffers from allergy symptoms, it can be excruciating for them (and you). Pets with allergies often suffer a great deal from the discomfort of constant itching and irritated skin or other symptoms. 

Most likely, you have tried many things – possibly steroids, ointments, maybe natural remedies – and they keep coming back.

Good news! Our team of experts have put together this toolkit to help you feel confident addressing your pet’s allergies.

That’s why we created the Allergies Educational Toolkit: to help you discover the underlying imbalance and inflammatory response behind your furry companion’s allergy symptoms so you can help your pet overcome (and possibly avoid altogether) the discomfort and dis-ease caused by the imbalance.

Bring relief to your pet’s allergies and improve their overall health!


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Registering for the Allergy Toolkit gives you immediate access to:

  • 15+ information-packed webinars related to allergies
  • 1 comprehensive handout on addressing your pet’s allergies at a deep level
  • 2 handouts on vaccines (the major cause of allergies)
  • Fleas Be Gone e-book

ALlergy Toolkit

Inspiring Speakers & Webinars

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dr. Kris Hansen

 COnventional & holistic treatment for EARs

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Dr. Jean Dodds

optimal health to prevent allergies
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Jen Bridwell


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dr. Cindy Maro


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Dr. Jeff Feinman


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 Allergies & acupressure

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Dr. stephanie chalmers

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dr. ron koh


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dr. todd cooney

natural immunity

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Holistic actions!



This toolkit is for you if…

  • Your dog or cat is EXHIBITING SYMPTOMS such as:
    • Eye discharge, sneezing or wheezing
    • Skin issues like itching, odor, flaking, hot spots or skin sores
    • Digestive issues such as vomiting, diarrhea or an unexplained change in appetite
    • Ear infections 
    • A dry coat or hair loss
    • Excessive licking or chewing of particular areas like paws
    • Sluggishness or listlessness, anxiety or depression

You’ve TRIED MANY THINGS and your pet is still experiencing allergy symptoms – we’ll help you identify the culprit (or better yet, improve your pet’s vitality and balance, so the curlprit becomes irrelevant).

You DON’T WANT TO GIVE your pet conventional allergy medications to just cover up the symptoms. We offer holistic solutions to address allergies at the root.

You want to learn how to CREATE & MAINTAIN INTERNAL BALANCE in your pet through nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, medication choices, etc.

You want to SAVE MONEY on vet bills by learning what to do to reduce (eliminate) allergies and strengthen your pet’s overall health.

This toolkit is NOT for you if…

You only want to treat your pet’s allergy symptoms with medication or chemicals, or want that supplement or vitamin that will “fix it”.

You only want a quick solution – holistic approach requires observation and experimentation, thus deeper bonding with your pet.

You believe that the conventional vaccine schedule must be adhered to religiously.

You DO NOT HAVE TIME OR ENERGY to learn about nutrition for your pet.  (We understand!  Life can be overwhelming as it is, and learning learning about pet nutrition requires prioritizing and dedication. This might not be the right time for you – however, you will get lifelong access to this toolkit, so you have an option of taking your time and saving it for later.)

Ingredients of barf raw food recipe for dogs consisting meat, eggs and vegetable

Our Promise to You:


The tools and benefits you’ll receive in the ALLERGY TOOLKIT will provide not only a RELIEF FROM ALLERGY SYMPTOMS but they could also bring more HEALTH AND VITALITY into your and your pet’s life!

We believe in the quality and effectiveness of the education and support you’ll receive in the Allergy Toolkit. If you are not satisfied with the content, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.*


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What our members say…

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Nutrition Bundle. I love learning more about the holistic and more wholesome ways of feeding our pets. The content on the Holistic Actions! is vast and I’ve spent many many hours reading, listening and ruminating content. This is such a wonderful reference place and full of different advice to help our pets, ourselves and to expand our minds. Thank you! ~ Jenny

Holistic Actions! is a wonderful place to learn from some great teachers who firmly believe in the holistic approach to animal health. I have told many people about Holisitc Actions! and the great work this organization does. I would like to accomplish applying the ongoing knowledge I receive to every aspect of animal care both for my own furry family, as well as the pets of the vet clinic where I work. ~ Bonnie

I wanted to let you know how much I value the work you and your colleagues at HolisticActions! do. What you are doing is pioneering. You’re forging a new path. ~ A member

My girls are my family and probably the best thing I have done for them (and me) is to join Holistic Actions! The caring and concern – not to mention the expertise – offered from the veterinarians and people in the community are both helpful and soothing. ~ Francine

Registration for Allergy Toolkit – $39:


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When you ENROLL, you receive IMMEDIATE LIFETIME access to:

15+ RECORDED WEBINARS on allergies including:

  • Dr. Stephanie Chalmers | Allergies and Toxins
  • Tallgrass acupressure | Allergies & Acupressure
  • Dr. Ron Koh | Itching
  • Dr. Todd Cooney | Natural Immunity
  • Holistic Actions! faculty | Vaccine Reactions

1 COMPREHENSIVE HANDOUT on ALLERGY RELIEF. Plus handouts on fleas, vaccines, nutrition, and more.


This is a one-time payment of $39 for immediate lifetime access to the Allergy Toolkit content.  If you love what you’re learning and want to continue your Holistic Actions! journey, we offer a monthly membership to the Holistic Actions! Pet Health Academy.  Please visit membership page for more details.


We are proud of our teaching material that comes with endless hours of research and expertise. Therefore we believe in the quality of education and support you will receive. If you are in any way unhappy with the toolkit content, we guarantee full refund within 30 days of purchase.