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Apr 18, 2019
Hi Dr Jeff and Dr Christina,
Here is the latest update on my puppy Harpo. Harpo just turned 10 month a week ago. He had his bile acid test, it seems Harpo is on the road to health. Our vet did a regular blood test as she wanted to check his values and said they are in the normal limits. A bile acid test was taken on an empty stomach and his levels were 14 ( though I was excited to hear good news I may have jotted the numbers down wrong) and two hours after eating, his was raised a little and she wants to check again in six months. But over all she was pleased with his healing.

I will receive the doctors notes and test results in the next day or so and I will be happy to email them to you or just confirm numbers. Harpo has gained about a pound since our last vet visit.

Harpo has not thrown up in days and I watch what he consumes and am keeping an eye out if he gets over heated. Just searching all avenues and wondering if that could that be a cause of his past vomiting moments as well. Part of being a puppy parent.

Over the past few weeks I have introduced celery into Harpo's diet, with the addition of blueberries, and Bocce's turmeric and Breath dog treats. Harpo has continued to have 3 ml of fresh celery juice on an empty stomach each morning, and in the last week I have also added pureed pumpkin into his diet. I have been slowly adding these foods to his diet and a little bit of kale as well. Since adding more of this the last 10 days, he has had better bowl movements.
After all of this, I believe I can continue to help Harpo in his healing with a nutritional balanced healthy diet and your assistance.
I have also ordered the Rx Vitamins Nutritional support- for cats and dogs, powder formula, which was recommended by Dr Jeff. I will introduce this to my dogs food slowly.

Below is a suggested diet for my dog if adding supplements, otherwise our vet is recommending canned dog food, which i do not wish to do.

The below "Balance It" recipe claims the following deficiencies in a diet, therefore requiring a multitude of supplements, and as Harpo does not like Balance It's supplement, our vet recommended a list of multivitamins (a total of 9 capsules and a liquid vitamin), or the canned dog food.
(As per recipe: We do not consume eggs in our house, not for us humans, so will not include it in our dogs diet.)
I am sure our vet's list is to show me what Harpo needs in order to supply him with nutrients while consuming a regular diet. We tried dog food when he had the health issues and he did not like it, nor did it help. Now that his shunt surgery has been successful, I plan on a healthy journey with my dog.

We see the surgeon in two weeks for an over all post op visit, and I will find out how much his shunt closed up.
Also our veterinarian is requesting Harpo have his next Bordatella vaccine. If I am not boarding him should I even have him have the shot? He may, at a later date, participate in a doggy day care for a couple of hours, to introduce him to other dogs.
Thanks for your thoughts and advice.


Harpo's HOMEMADE PET FOOD RECIPE from "Balance It."
Ingredients Grams Amount
(1) Sweet potato, cooked, baked in skin, without salt (flesh fed only) 175.0 g 7/8 of a cup
(2) Ground turkey, 85% lean, 15% fat, pan-broiled crumbles 14.2 g 1/2 of a oz
(3) Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled 25.0 g 1/2 of a large
(4) Oil, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking 2.2 g 1/2 of a tsp

what is provided minimum maximum units
vit b12 0.002 0.006 none mg
vit D 96.532 143 880 IU
vit E 6.918 14 286 IU
Ca 0.326 1.7 7.1 g
Copper (Cu) 1.163 2.1 71 mg
Iodine 0.071 0.43 14 mg
Iron (Fe) 7.014 23 857 mg
Phosphorus (P) 0.711 1.4 4.6 g
Zinc (Zn) 5.722 34 286 mg

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Frances-

Great news that Harpo is doing better both internally as well as internally!

Diet deficiencies are almost always a result of using primarily one recipe.

Like the one you posted, or like most of the recipes that you find online or in books.

Variety is the key to nutrient balance.

The only thing you'll need to add to a varied meat-based diet is a calcium supplement.

Animal Essentials seaweed calcium is my second choice after eggshells.

The Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support + a varied fresh meat diet with organs + calcium should be all you need for Harpo.

I'd also advise adding in Hahnemannian homeopathy to his proactive preventive care to stop problems before they develop.


Apr 18, 2019
Thank you Dr Jeff,
You have made my day with your information and I am soooo grateful!!!!
I just placed and order for Animal Essentials seaweed calcium, and also a product that is on the Medical medium site called Seal Meal, kelp supplement for skin, coat and digestive, immune health, a holistic supplement ....actually I am buying this for my other dog who has had such a health issue and her hair is scruffy looking, but I am sure it may be good for both dogs.
I will be participating in the upcoming homeopathy on line seminar ( which I am excited about) and I gather I will learning more about Hahnemannian homeopathy homeopathy at that time. Is there a book or something I should have on hand for my dogs based on Hahnemannian's homeopathy?
I am truly grateful.

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