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May 8, 2018
Hi, My name is Cindy Pinera. Presently I live in Florida with two black standard schnauzers. I am a medical technologist, working in a hospital lab. I studied homeopathy for 10 years and then took the CCH exam and became certified.

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My interest in homeopathy started after I discovered that it helped my Giant Schnauzer with epilepsy. It reduced the number of her cluster convulsions from 20 down to 2. The allopathic medicines did not work for her.

I have owned both Giant schnauzers and standard schnauzers over the last 40 years. I play the flute in two community bands, am a member of the Rare Fruit and Vegetable Club, grow around 50 tropical fruit trees in my yard and love to exercise my dogs by having them pull me on a tricycle or pull a wooden wagon.

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Above is a short video of my new puppy (Amadeus) who is now 10 months old learning to pull the tricycle. He has lots of energy. His partner (Raisin) is eight. I lost the Pepper and Salt Giant in March of 2018 at age 13.
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Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Fantastic @cindypinera !:snowman:

Thanks so much for sharing.

How awesome that you have such a deep interest in homeopathy that you studied for and got certified by CCH!

I hope we can help you apply it even more to the pups.

Also, the hospital lab setting will be an interesting environment for discussing integration of Vitality and Balance using homeopathy with conventional medicine.

That is one of the intentions of the model (to increase use of homeopathy).

Maybe you even know an ER doc who'd be willing to try using Arnica in some trauma patients.

I look forward to meeting you on one of the upcoming Empower Hours!

Happy New Year!

Dr. Jeff

PS-Archie says hi! archie going to thanksgiving 2018.JPG

Dr. Christina

Jun 15, 2017
Welcome Cindy. I love your interest in fruits. I read a book How to Grow Tropical
Fruits in any House, Anywhere
, from Logee's Nursery (Connecticut). A friend and I tried papaya, banana, rose apple, meyer and regular lemon. After 4 years - gave up.

Your creativity in having your dogs pull you is wonderful. When dogs are loved, and useful, it stimulates Oxytocin, which improves cognitive function, according to Dr. Chris Zink.

Thank you for posting and looking forward to your sharing your homeopathic knowledge.
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