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What to do about eye problems like conjunctivitis in an older dog

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Professor Lupin is an almost 15 year young Eng. Springer (@Julie W. ).

His guardian wrote this wonderful update to help decide what to do next and over the weekend:

"Lupin’s left eye looked much better on Tuesday morning. The opening of the eye was not as open as the right eye, but the whole Brown of his eye was in the opening and didn’t appear to be rolling up in his head as it had been The last couple mornings.

He Slept very soundly on Monday night into Tuesday. I worked double shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday, so Lupin did not see me much -which he usually does not like. Michael reported he slept a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday during the day and walked around panting occasionally (no heavy panting though). Dog babysitter reported he was quite groggy when woken up to go out in the evenings but once he woke up he appeared happy.

Last night, his left eye was watery and the side of his left eye seemed a little little little swollen (which might be new - The swelling in the area is so tiny that it could have been missed in the past). Before, Only under the Eye had looked swollen every once in a while. All could have been a result from him not getting as many warm compresses yesterday during the day and his missed antibiotic Wednesday morning.

*Breaths per minute: last night, after his usual anxiety induced walking and panting, when he was initially falling into light rest, his breaths per minute were 30.
* Energy: There has been a new ‘spunk’ in his step. Although he still seems a little off balance since the Remedy, he does have more energy. He is sleeping deeper.
* appetite continues to be good. He is eating the raw dog patties and the budwig diet. I do have to spoonfeed him. I think part of the reason for needing to be spoonfed is because there are so many vitamins mixed into his food that the initial smell turns him off.
*mood: happier then before the remedy. Someone that did not know him might not recognize this small mood change, but although he is not jumping with joy, there is a shift to a lighter happier place within him.

He is still drooling a lot, however, I don’t see as much brown/reddish drool stains on his legs and bed as there had been before the remedy. His mouth does smell a bit less as well (The smell is less intense).

Today, the swelling around his eye is so slight it is hard to tell if it is swelling or not.
The opening of his left eye is smaller than the opening of his right eye as it has been. The entire opening does have the brown eye showing"

Louise then asked:

1. Should I keep using the Assisi loop on the left eye area of his face? I will definitely continue the compresses either way.
2. Should I continue with the antibiotic (Antirobe 150mg 2xs a day)? I personally would like to because it helped with The initial huge swelling under his left eye And seems to be keeping the swelling down overall.
3. Should the hemp RX and the Divinci be put directly into his mouth or is it OK if I put it on the food? Does it change the chemical makeup of the medicine and /or benefit of the medicine being mixed in with the budwig diet ingredients for example?
4. What do you think about further testing?
5. Anyway dosing or different remedy?"

1. Yes. Do everything you can to stimulate blood flow and the healing process!

Gentle massage of the area will also help.

2. HA! Well, that depends. At Lupin's age, I would not be using any "anti" unless it was life-saving at this time in his life.

Every treatment that works against his body will also then decrease his Vitality.

3. Either way of administering these supplements would work.

I'm not aware of any contra-indication of mixing the supplements in with the Budwig cottage cheese (or "quark") and flax seed mix .

Click/tap here for more information about the Budwig diet.

4. Non-invasive diagnostic testing to uncover internal symptoms clues is awesome and always welcome! Trending test results can be very, very helpful and helps inform the next Holistic Action!

There two downsides that I can think of regarding your doing more tests.

The first is the danger of increasing your fear of a symptom from an exam finding or diagnostic test result.

The second is expense. Tests are often quite costly and may not be helpful.

5. Ah, the great question of individualization and dosing!

This requires even more context and full record and update review.

In general, you can either give the last remedy that "worked" since Lupin's BEAM is better (then relapsed?) or wait for a recheck.

I would not dose or look for a new homeopathic medicine based strictly on his eye symptoms.

Especially since his BEAM is better.

A 1:1 phone, video or office will then help determine the next step based on the full context.

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