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To treat or not to treat cryptosporidium


Community Member
Aug 7, 2023
I'm wondering whether others who may have had a pup who was diagnosed with a crypto infection opted for conventional treatments vs natural/allowing it to run its course. Our [now 4 y/o] pup recently had a bout of diarrhea, which came on immediately after we added a new [herbal] supplement she seemingly wasn't able to tolerate; we were trying to help balance her GI issues (namely, chronic vomiting) which she began experiencing at ~3 y/o. After the diarrhea remained persistent and did not resolve, the vet prescribed metronidazole. Since receiving fluids and being on the antibiotic, the diarrhea improved and she was back to normal by day 5, and our go-forward plan; was to continue exploring additional supportive and holistic modalities to get to the bottom of her digestive issues. The PCR sent off while she was ill has come back with confirmation of a cryptosporidium infection. They've now prescribed azithromyicin. I've read healthy adult dogs typically resolve an infection on their own, and that the antibiotics aren't necessarily even fully effective at resolving these infections in some cases. Blood work done for her at a few different points over the last year has shown slightly elevated liver enzymes. Between my concern with layering a 2nd antibiotic into her system (that may or may not be effective), and that I'm to understand this antibiotic can be harsh on dogs with weakend kidneys/livers, and that her diarrhea has completely cleared at this point I'm really torn as to whether to proceed with the 2nd antibiotic. Interested in the holistic-friendly community's perspective. (I should mention they've also advised testing our other pup for crypto, who is asymptomatic & perfectly healthy).

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hey Karrie!
diagnosed with a crypto infection opted for conventional treatments vs natural/allowing it to run its course.
I've had clients choose both options. Regardless of which route you choose, IMHO the underlying energetic imbalance and dysbiosis should be treated (energetically, with rotating probiotics, possibly with enzymes, etc.)

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