Stomach/Appetite Question


Jul 29, 2017
Charlie is fully transitioned to a raw diet now, mostly fresh. I'm not sure it totally agrees with him so am reviewing other threads on the forum and listening to the Empower Hours on dysbiosis.

In stomach/appetite, I'm wondering what the difference is between insatiable, ravenous, and wanting. Does ravenous describe the way a dog eats? While insatiable and wanting really describe the appetite?

Charlie eats his raw food faster than was eating kibble when I first brought him home but not so fast that I think I need to change to a slow feeder bowl. Any time he hears me in the kitchen he comes running. And often seems to be looking for food -- up on the counters, in the cabinet where the trash is if that door is open, etc. He took food off of the counter once (my mistake) and ate a very large quantity of green beans and turkey. The food was for him but he ate enough for a couple of days! I think this 'wanting' behavior started after this feast. Did he just get a HUGE reinforcement for snooping or could there be something else going on?

Of course he has many other symptoms and EWS.



Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hiya Kristen-

Great question about the increased appetite rubrics.

The first question always is whether this really is an increased appetite or a behavioral response to previous starvation?

Yes, I would agree that the ravenous description is more about the speed of eating whereas an insatiable pup can eat as much as you give them.

Yup, his food stealing secondary to his high food drive a bit of a positive reinforcement.

Yes, as you wrote, there is more going on and his appetite is just one piece of the puzzle.

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