Seasonal Allergies and Risk of Infection

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
During the last EH! webinar, Dr. Lisa Samet was asked whether she thought that seasonal allergies could affect chance of getting sick from this virus or other infections.

My own answer is yes!

As Dr. Lisa said, allergies are clues that the immune system is working overtime.

In short, the immune imbalance can make the immune system more liable to react to any environment trigger such as a pollen or food.

The physiologic changes, which we see as symptoms, when they are mild, can actually help the immune system to be super vigilant in its' critical job of immune surveillance (detection and destruction of foreign invaders and abnormal cells).

However, when an allergy reaction is severe and the immune system is already working overtime, then a pathogenic germ may go un-noticed because immune resources are otherwise "busy".

A similar situation occurs when cellular energy is low and immune surveillance is sub-optimal. This can predispose to pathogenic invasion by a bug like COVID.


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