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Balance, (Cellular) Energy, Symptoms and Pets (and me)

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi @everyone-

These are some thoughts I've meant to post for awhile, but Fuzzle's hospitalization today at Cornell University Vet Specialists has spurred me to action. I hope this adds some useful context to HMDM!

In short, her BEAM was down a bit yesterday and she had one episode of weakness. Fuzzle had another episode today and her guardian also saw that Fuzzle's gums were pale, so she went to the ER.

The vet there found mild anemia (25), a high blood bilirubin (the yellow pigment of bile from the liver and red cell destruction), and abnormal cells (spherocytes) on her blood smear. All these things are suspicious for IMHA.

As you may remember from the recent IMHA webinars from Dr. Villanueva and Dr. Dodds, IMHA is an autoimmune dis-ease where antibodies attack and destroy the red blood cells causing anemia (sometimes severe).

When speaking with the super worried guardians, I mentioned the underlying physiologic cause and holistic actions for IMHA.

That is, the cause is fundamentally an internal imbalance of the immune system similar to what is seen in allergies and other dis-eases.

And that regardless of the test results, diagnosis or recommended treatments, there is always 1 thing that can help.

Increasing cellular energy, like putting gas in a car can helps any cell of the body work better.

There's lots of indirect evidence for this including from CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia) research and Havana syndrome. Both of these well-researched conditions are due to problems from cellular energy fluctuations and resultant symptoms from changes in physiologic function.

Further research documenting this effect may reveal a direct association between symptoms, cellular energy, and quality of life (as seen though BEAM).

Personally, I believe this to be true because I have been a student of symptoms since 1974 (when my own symptoms from a genetic dis-ease began).

It was actually about 20 years ago (in a yoga class where I was super fatigued) that I began realizing the direct effect of my energy on my own symptoms.

Since then I, many HA! members/students and my 1:1 clients, have observed the amazing healing ability of increasing (and conserving) cellular energy in every dis-ease.

In the case of Fuzzle, that means improving her immune anemia by raising energy and letting her body do what comes naturally (heal). The day 1 tests already show that her body is responding awe-somely well by producing lots of baby red cells (called reticulocytes). Now all we have to do is to help it get out of its own way.

Increasing her cellular energy to help balance the immune system should help decrease production of the abnormal antibodies that could be attacking her red cells.

So I guess the take-home from this post is that there may be way less uncertainty in many dis-ease if we just approach them as we will do for Fuzzle.

If any of this makes sense or is confusing, I'd love to use this forum thread to discuss.

Dr. Christina

All-Access Member
Jun 15, 2017
Great post, Dr. Jeff.

While it is always stressful to see our family members diagnosed with serious diseases, two things can help relieve some of our stress.

As Dr. Jeff said, modified,
Increasing our cellular energy should help resolve any problems (lipomas, cancer, tumors, ruptured ACL, AIHA, etc) in some individuals who have enough vitality and balance to return to health.

The second is that each of us is on a journey and sometimes that journey ends sooner than we wish. Worrying about the "disease" lessens our appreciation of that life. Focusing on increasing cellular energy helps us appreciate every moment with each other, regardless of the time we have together.

Dr. Christina

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