Robert Kennedy, Jr. on the Vaccine Industry

Jun 15, 2017
Even I was surprised by some of what Robert Kennedy has to say in this interview, especially the number of vaccines children now need to be "compliant".

What does compliant mean? Able to attend public school? Fined if you do not give them?

For our cherished animals, AVMA and AAHA actually recommend fewer vaccines than are required for children to be compliant -
"immunizations with core vaccines in accordance with existing guidelines - Rabies virus (only one by law), Canine distemper virus, Canine parvovirus and Canine adenovirus-2 - every 3 years. These guidelines have a lot of other recommendations that most of us feel are toxic and unnecessary, but less on the vaccines. And for our feline friends, they recommend vaccines for Rabies virus, Feline panleukopenia virus, Feline herpesvirus-1, Calicivirus, For kittens, feline leukemia virus."

Yet, to be "compliant" with your dogs to use groomers, kennels, visit schools, compete, etc, you may be asked to give more vaccines. if you learn how building vitality can actually improve resistance to infection, you will not see the need to give any of the vaccines, except legally required rabies. You, as do parents of unvaccinated children, will have to find ways around requirements. And you can!

Dr. Christina

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Wow, only the 2nd time he was "allowed" to discuss this topic on TV?


That really makes me wonder about what the true freedom of the press (and other media) is today.

Regarding vaccines needed by groomers and kennels, this article may have some useful tips.

The preventing and managing vaccinosis course has others.

Dr. Jeff