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Puppy shaking and dizzy


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Jun 25, 2022
Male Puppy Toy Aussie/Maltese Mix
10 months old
10-15 pounds

Backstory: My other puppy, Kiko, had a reaction to his Lyme Vaccine in May. This resulted in him acting very unwell the next day (dizzy, shaking head side to side very slightly like a bobble head, acting very unwell and off). His vet ended up giving him a steroid shot to counteract this and he was fine ever since up until today.

Current situation: tonight out of nowhere he began to wobble his head side to side and act dizzy. One of the first things we noticed was that he was walking weird with his back legs. We took him to emergency and he was peeing himself in my lap and his back legs were very stiff out straight, front legs curled in and bent no matter what position. (His body was just very tense and stuck in those odd positions). From his body language/behavior I got the sense that he was dizzy/tense / scrunched up. All blood tests came up normal except a high WBC. He has been this way for 5 hours now, still peeing himself. Vet said he must have ingested something on a walk and gave him an intramuscular Benadryl shot.

Question: it seems odd to me that he is acting the same exact way he was after his vaccine in May. Thinking back to today it is also unlikely that he ate something and no toxins came up in the bloodwork. It could be that he ate something but if not I am just very confused on what it could be, it seems like his nervous system is being attacked. Would love to hear other opinions or advice on next steps or what to keep an eye out for. Has something similar ever happened to someone else’s dog?

Thank you in advance!

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
I'm sorry to hear about Kiko's distressing symptoms. :confused:

If he is continuing to shake, wobble and seem unwell, perhaps you can share a video so we can better see what's going on.
Would love to hear other opinions or advice on next steps or what to keep an eye out for. Has something similar ever happened to someone else’s dog?
Yes! The very first step is to see your local vet to see what he says. A consultation with a vet neurologist is also a good idea.

There are various metabolic, immune and brain dis-eases that can cause these symptoms. It's very useful to learn as much about the symptom as possible.

Yes, I agree. It is probably not a coincidence that these are the same symptoms as after the Lyme vaccine. Any immunological insult (like a vaccine, toxic exposures, etc.) can act as a stressor to his internal balance and physiological function (aka his dynamic equilibrium or homeostasis).

This article discusses this a bit more:

His symptoms may be coming from liver issues or brain imbalances like:

However, personally I think that the most important thing is how the symptoms are addressed. This article discusses a bit about the true significance of symptoms (which most vets call clinical signs):

If you haven't already done it, now's a perfect time to start building a vet care team. This includes your local vet and a neurologist or internist.

Super important though is starting to work with an integrative and energetically-oriented (like a trained vet homeopath or vet trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine). This article describes the process:

Perhaps plan your next steps on a walk with Kiko (and try to get him out to sniff at least 3x/day).

Good luck and please keep us update on Kiko's progress.

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