On the Subject of Animal Hospice & Natural Death


Jan 8, 2019
As animal lovers, we’re often faced with challenging situations such as a terminally ill furry family member, or even one who may be in the late autumn years with a declining quality of life. In BrightHaven’s recent blog post, On the Subject of Animal Hospice & Natural Death, President and Founder Gail Pope (she’s also a Holistic Actions! faculty member!) shares her views on this important and thought-provoking topic.

BrightHaven (www.brighthaven.org) is proud to provide leadership in the development and application of holistic care for senior and special needs animals, and animal hospice and its philosophy of care, all the way to a natural end of life. We’re a 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization dedicated to helping people help older, disabled and chronically ill animals through our rescue and caregiver education programs.

In BrightHaven’s course presented by Holistic Actions! called BrightHaven Holistic Animal Hospice Fundamentals, not only do we share BrightHaven’s approach, we endeavor to help people better understand what death is and what it is not. We’ve found that knowledge reduces fear and may even lead to a deeper acceptance of death, which can possibly help us humans to live more fully!

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