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NMNPure H+ by Dr. Peter Dobias


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Jul 16, 2019
Hi @Dr. Christina - Per your request, here's the link to DR. PETER DOBIA's NMNPure H+ and info on dosage for dogs :)

Is NMNPure H+ safe for dogs?​

This product is labelled for humans, however if you are thinking about giving NMN to your dog, you can give NMNPure H+ to dogs 5 years and older (middle aged) at the following dosages:
1 – 27 kg (1 – 60 lbs) Give 1/8 tsp daily (250 mg)
28 kg and up (60lbs and up) Give 1/4 tsp daily (500 mg)
*Please do not estimate the dose. Use the correct measuring spoon to achieve the exact dose according to weight.


NMN comes in powder form and ideally should be administered by lifting your dog’s lip and applying the dose directly onto the gum line. This will ensure that your dog receives the entire dose. If you are unable to administer the dose in this manner, you may add it to 1/2 teaspoon of sunflower or pumpkin butter (or another palatable treat your dog enjoys).

To date, there are no reports of toxicity or adverse effects in dogs. We are currently analyzing the results of a clinical trial we conducted in dogs and will share more information when available. NMN is an NAD booster and the energy source for every cell. As it is not clear how NMN affects existing cancer cells we do not recommend this product for dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer.


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Mar 3, 2021
For a much more complete answer to what is going on in the cellular metabolism, there is this stunning interview: a conversation between two of the greatest microbiology/cellular nutrition experts, Dr. William Seeds and Dr. Joseph Mercola. Would you believe that EATING right can be a far more important factor than any supplementation? That you can provide everything a cell could wish for in a simple dietary regime? That you can protect against and heal EMF and other radiation damage without gadgets? That simply neutralizing certain acids common in our diets, with an ubiquitous household chemical, preserves muscle, preserves bone, and facilitates our endogenous production of ketone bodies, which are vital to forming NMN and thus NAD+, all the sirtuins, and thus protecting our mitochondria against the acid-based damage caused by most diets?

Now, this is tough reading - these guys are slinging concepts around like masters of the universe. It's funny, it's ungrammatical, it wanders all over the place. But THIS is the story, the whole story: the answer to performance, to combatting viruses, to life extension. I find it intoxicating and inspiring. Let me know what you get from it, and perhaps we can explore the concepts together:


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