Cat diagnosed with bowel tumour - has lost a lot of weight, vomited up twice in last two weeks, peeing a lot


Sep 2, 2020
Kia ora from Aotearoa lovely people!

I am sharing my story in the hope that someone can point me in the right direction regarding getting nutrients into my cat.
I am also sharing how I've been connecting energetically to my cat during the last few days since her diagnosis in the hope that someone will find it comforting for connecting with their own animals xx ?????

Recent cat medical history
Four days ago my 13-year-old cat Mia was diagnosed with a massive bowel tumour by my vet. The vet said it could also be inflammation of the lymph nodes around the bowel, or in the kidney, and recommended not to do any further tests as it would be a waste of money. She gave Mia a steroid injection and said she would either come right from that, or would keep losing her appetite and I would have to euthanase her. When I asked when I should come back, she said "Well, she will either get better quickly or deteriorate rapidly, so let's just see what happens."
I am, understandably, a bit confused! ?

What I know
About four weeks ago, Mia started behaving differently. She has a daily routine where she goes for a hunt in her favourite spots in the morning, then comes for a brush and a cuddle mid-morning if I am outside having morning tea on the deck. Then she is off again all day exploring and comes back at night to sleep right next to my pillow like a little sentry.
Four weeks ago, she started coming around the house at different times of the day, meowing loudly. When I opened the door, she didn't want to come in, but just wanted to be picked up by me. If I put her down she would start meowing again. She was very persistent but I didn't really pick up that it was a problem :rolleyes:
About 10 days ago my Dad noted that she seemed a bit thin, and that day she vomited up dry food. I finally stopped and listened and realised something was up, as she wasn't really hungry either. She is a very fluffy cat and I had not noticed how thin she was under all that fur. And that is where the vet visit came in.

My relevant background and health history
I have had a LOT of health challenges over my life and I have learned a lot about alternative and complementary therapies. I have healed myself from chronic fatigue, shingles, a stomach ulcer, vertigo, hyperthyroidism, constant hunger, and learned to live in peace and vibrancy with scoliosis and GORD/GERD from congenital birth defects. I am still learning and healing every day.
All this healing focus has led me to energy work and I have been learning from an energy worker, learning about shamanism and the energies around us, for the last 15 months or so.
It has helped me develop my intuition and ability to tune into energy, and pass on messages that come to me from that, in a coaching/guiding manner. I have started being paid for this work and I love it so much! It brings me joy and love and connectedness with the world around me ????? I feel like I've finally found my path in life after many career changes.

Loving energy work - bringing it all together
When I sat with Mia the first night and tuned in to her energy, I felt a very dark, deep despair. It was an overwhelming sense of her having given up hope and the will to live. I felt it invade my whole body and it was a very desolate energy, like being in a bottomless pit.
I gave this energy love and thanked it for communicating with me. I felt shaken and shocked at both feeling this dark energy and for my carelessness...I have spent so many hours and days and months and years healing myself and right under my nose was a creature feeling so alone.
The next day I helped Mia do some more energy work. This time the energy was a bit lighter, and was just full of grief. I cried with it and gave it more love. She avoided me at night and the place next to my pillow was conspicuously empty ?
The next day, more grief, and this time I felt her vibrate magnetically, asking me to place my hands one at her head and one at her tail, about 1 cm (0.39") away from her. This was a very positive vibration and I sent love into this space until she told me to stop.
Yesterday, I tuned in again. I realised that Mia was despairing again and it related to feelings of unworthiness. I told her that she deserves to be well and I want to help her. I told her to have hope and faith because I do.
She actually convulsed once at this point, like she had received a little electric shock. I get these convulsions when I'm healing and it felt the same for her. My understanding is that it happens when we receive divine loving energy and our nervous system isn't strong enough to manage it, so it shoots through the body rapidly.
She was very tired and snuggling into me like crazy, just wanting to be held in my arms with her head under my chin. It was the afternoon and I was heading out for some self-care, so I told her that when I came home later, I would get in bed and she could come and lie on my chest and receive love and healing, because she deserves it.
As soon as I walked in the door, she went and waited next to the bed! While I was getting ready for bed she did not budge from her spot, staring down my other cat like "Back off buddy, she's mine!" and as soon as I lay down, she climbed onto my chest and settled in, purring like crazy. This was so beautiful and I was blown away that she understood my message from earlier!!!!!! ?????
After our healing session, she slept all night in the usual spot ?

Current state of things
Both my 13-year-old cats have been on dry foods their whole lives at the advice of vets.
They are "dry food junkies".
However, despite refusing many different types of wet and raw food over the last few days as I try new things, they have now stopped eating the dry food as much.
This morning I found that Mia had vomited about a tablespoon of it up.
She is licking the liquid off any wet or raw food I've put out and for some reason went nuts for tuna yesterday! Which is positive as she has rejected all the raw food I put out, so wet food is at least better than no food or dry food. She is eating little bits throughout the day.
She seems deeply fatigued at times and is peeing a lot in the litter box, with big volumes coming out.

My biggest fears
I am worried that Mia will starve before our healing is complete, although as I write that I realise that healing cannot be outcome-focussed!!!!!!
I can feel her bones through her skin and I have no idea how to transition both the cats into eating more fresh raw or fresh-cooked food.
I am also worried that Mia is not getting enough food in and I am wondering if she is in pain as food passes through her digestive system.
Although as I write this she has come back to nibble at some sardines I put out, so she seems hungry-ish.

I feel a bit lost and although the energy between Mia and me is improving with love, I am still so worried.

If anyone else has had similar experiences, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Much love to all animal caretakers,

Hannah xxxxxx
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Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Good morning (NZ) Hannah. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful experience! ?

I'm so sorry to hear about Mia's possible abdominal tumor.?

The good news is that her BEAM (Behavior, Energy, Appetite, Mood) and quality of life are already getting better!?

No matter what, keep doing your daily energy healing work. It is helping her and is exactly what she needs to help re-balance her internal energetic equilibrium.

Also, please continue exactly what you are doing to help her eat enough while getting off the dry, and low vitality, food. Can you find Answer's raw, fermented goat's milk locally?:catfood:

Continue to offer her small morsels of fresh poultry, meats, fish, pork, fruits, veggies, etc. to see what she will eat.

She will eat and absorb her nutrients better as her vitality gets better balanced.

This balance comes from the work you are doing and by promoting purring and happiness.

Her vitality-energy and ability to heal will also improve as she eats more and more fresh food.

@Dr. Christina will also have other helpful suggestions.

I hope to see you 8pm ET 9/7 (which is 9/8 am for you).


Sep 2, 2020
Hi @Dr. Jeff , thank you for this reply. @Dr. Christina do you have anything to add?
This afternoon Mia wouldn't come inside and when I went out and picked her up, she smelled like poo. There was a little bit of sticky poo stuck to her fur and I did see her straining this morning to poo, which is odd as she was doing nice solid poos when I started switching the diet to raw/wet (I'm slowly easing my cats in as they are dry food junkies).
She weirdly let me bathe her and clip the fur around her bottom, it was very out of character for her to just let me do this and towel her down afterwards!
I noticed the poo was bright yellow - the colour of the old dry kibble that I'm slowly weaning her off...hmmm....
I am trying to get food into her with little success. She is keen to drink or lick the liquids off fish especially so I'm going to try and make a fish broth for her tomorrow.
I am also going to blend all the food so it is runny and easier for her to eat - she is not so keen on hard chunks right now.
I am going to stop the kibble altogether as neither cat seems interested in it now that there is a daily parade of new food items for them to sniff and ultimately disdain, lol!
I am living in a small town in NZ and it is very hard to get many of the items you write about, even in the health food stores.
Can I give her a drop of castor oil?
My main concern is that she is constipated and uncomfortable.
I have had a good feel around her abdomen after feeling my other cat's stomach for comparison and I can feel there is a hard lump there plus what feels more like a distended abdomen all around than a huge lump.
Should I rush her to another vet consult? After how many days do I start worrying if she doesn't poo?
She is very tired all the time but BEAM is overall improving.
All help appreciated,
I'm very worried that she is dying slowly but she has put on weight again so I don't know what to think!
Hannah :)

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