Vitality is the Difference Between Life and Death in Animals

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
This is very important topic was drawn from research and the 7/4/20 HA! email.

It’s about whether pets have long and happy lives, or whether they get sick and die young.

The difference between life and death is cellular energy. This topic is the key to life and death, but it’s not something typically discussed in veterinary medicine.

You can help your pets have sufficient cellular energy by using actions that build and preserve it so every cell in your pet's body can work properly. It’s the difference between order and dis-order or ease and dis-ease.

For example, the immune system needs enough energy to stay ordered to do its job of protecting people and pets from viruses and bacteria. Similar to how your computer's operating system needs a charged battery or electricity to work.

One article about energy and the molecular biology of the cell starts by saying this:

"One property of living things above all makes them seem almost miraculously different from nonliving matter: they create and maintain order (NB-energy)…"


In the conventional sense, this is the physical energy produced by mitochondria also called "vitality".

Vitality is the energy that lets your pets lead the best lives possible.

It can be seen in every being, and has been studied in regions where people live over 100 years of age and still lead active, happy and dis-ease free lives.

The lifestyles and habits in these "Blue Zones” can be replicated for pets.

For example, feeding fresh food and promoting play and “sniffing” are two fantastic ways to build vitality and energy. Whereas avoiding toxins helps preserve that vitality.


There are specific Holistic Actions! that increase the probability of having a healthy and long-lived pet. They all either build or preserve vitality and energy.

For example, feeding fresh, and vital, food is one day of doing this. Breathing exercises, called pranayama, does this.

Pets also practice pranayama and can increase cellular energy and immune function, like people, by using the snuffle mat and going on sniff walks.

In the people, strategies that increase energy are used to improve quality of life for patients with CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome). Clinical experience shows that this is also true for pets.

Personally, I have an energy management dis-ease and have seen the benefits from building and preserving vitality.

My own energy story starts in 1975 and continues until today. When I was 14 years old, I began experiencing abnormal symptoms that were related to low energy from a genetic dis-ease.

Ever since then I have been investigating the cause for abnormal symptoms in human and other animals.

Energy production and management is critical to us all. Just this morning in yoga, I had to stop and rejuvenate in order to be able to continue class without injury. I need to re-generate energy by pawsing, filling up my lungs using restricted breathing (known as ujjayi pranayama in yoga).

Kitties do this naturally whenever they purr. Promoting purring can stimulate healing. In fact, some say that cats’ ability to remain asymptomatic despite dis-ease, and the ability to heal quickly, is partially because of purring.

However, this energy from breath is not the physical energy that is measured and understood in western medicine. It is a non-physical energy also called prana, chi, and the vital force or biofield. It has been discounted by vets and MDs, in the west, since early in the 20th century.

Only some scientists, especially physicists, recognize this powerful (vital) force.

Tonight (7/6/20) veterinarian Dr. Victoria Farthing will teach strategies used in Eden Energy to help animals.

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