The Itchy, Scratchy Dog


Oct 15, 2017
Good morning, my little rescue dog Mila (of uncertain lineage and possibly 3-4 years old) has a definite allergy to chicken. Although chicken has been cut from her diet, she still continues to itch and scratch herself. When she is not itching and scratching, she is furiously licking every part of her body. I have tried natural products to give her relief and proper food supplements to boost her immune system. I also have her on a regimen of probiotics and prebiotics but her itching continues unabated. Her fur has a greasy feel to it and a bit of a musty "old blanket" smell to it. Her skin is red but there are no eruptions. Her appetite is very good and her energy level is good as well as her behaviour. Generally speaking, she is a happy little dog but I am sure the itching drives her nuts (it drives me nuts as well) I am considering Sulphur in a 30C dose. I am on the right track or is there more I should be looking at?

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