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Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Canine Tongue


Community Member
Nov 9, 2023
  1. Your pet's name Millie
  2. Approximate age 7 1/2
  3. Sex F
  4. Neutering status spayed
  5. Breed labradoodle
  6. Approximate weight 62lbs
  7. What's their BEAM (behavior, energy, appetite, mood) all great
  8. Diet just started honest kitchen raw chicken
  9. Vaccination history / exposure to toxins, other medication-rabies shots
  10. Primary problem, when it began and if there was anything else happening around that time-foul breath and constant drooling on one side
  11. Is the condition better or worse from exercise, heat, cold, time of day, certain foods, emotional upset, being touched, excitement, etc? Exercise and heat can make a bit worse
  12. Has any diagnostic work been done? Diagnosis if available (you can attach your diagnostic tests to the post if you have them) yes-attached below
  13. Current and previous treatment-no treatment yet
  14. Other health concerns


Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Millie is adorable!

I'm sorry to hear about her cancer diagnosis (and she says that she's fine and to not worry).

Did the vet say where on her tongue they found the Squamous Cell Carcinoma, or how big it was?

You might want to consider focusing on her cellular energy and BEAM (and quality of life) rather than the dis-ease.

A great way to start is with the HA! 101 course. In it you'll see that an all fresh diet can be best for treating patients with cancer.

Perhaps discontinue any carbohydrates (such as in the HK food). You'll hear much about this on Monday's webinar!

Now's also a great time to start working with an energetically oriented vet such as one trained in homeopathy or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

"Follow the Energy" and wellness is the result.

This article may help you find someone:

You can also set up a 15 minute call in the next few weeks. Dr. Christina or I can help with your Holistic Medical Decision Making for Minnie.

BTW-Have you been to a vet oncologist?


Community Member
Nov 9, 2023
Thank you for responding to my post.
The mass is at the base of her tongue. The vet didn’t say the size nor do I see it on the notes above but he said he was able to get enough off to allow her tongue to lay flush but cannot take anymore off. I will be talking yo dr PJ Broadfoot on Monday-she is an hour way from me. Thankfully Christina let me know this and I did a 15 min session with her also.
I will look into the food change this weekend also or wait to talk to dr Broadfoot to see which one she would like her to continue.
Definitely giving her a full life and loving on her as much as we can❤️❤️ thank you for this wonderful advice!!

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