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Spray bottle for homeopathic remedy


All-Access Member
Jan 3, 2021
I am attaching a link from Amazon, a spray bottle that I wanted to put the liquid aconite in mixed with distilled water to spray into Blossom's face since I cannot get it into her mouth. How much of the liquid aconite would I put in the bottle to mix with distilled water. I was supposed to give her just 3 drops of the aconite in her mouth but then they said the amount doesn't matter, only the frequency. I gave it to her in milk and wonder if it really works in milk since the Thuja did not work like the first time and the aconite sure did not work the first time. So I wanted to buy a bottle that was not just merely rinsed out I might have that had some other substance in it. That way, I could also keep it in the car when I am driving to give a repeat dose.


Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Yes, dosing in milk still can work just fine.

The spray bottle looks fine. Perhaps just make up the cup (or use the one you already ade) and empty whatever you can into the spray bottle.

Also, @dr_ judy herman may have other thoughts about dosing.

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