Rubrics re fluid in lungs

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Christine.

It depends on the repertory used, but in general these are found in the chest section.

The medical word used is typically "dropsy", for example:

CHEST - DROPSY : (49) acet-ac.k Am-c.k Ant-t.k APISk APOC.k ARS.k Asaf.k Aspar.k Aur-m.k BRY.k calc.k Canth.k Carb-v.k Carbn-s.k chin.k chinin-ar.k COLCH.k Crot-h.k Dig.k Dulc.k ferr-m.k Fl-ac.k HELL.k Iod.k Kali-ar.k KALI-C.k Kali-i.k Lach.k Lact.k LYC.k Merc.k MERC-SUL.k mez.k mur-ac.k Nat-m.k op.k Psor.k Ran-b.k rat.k Sang.k Seneg.k Sil.k Spig.k Squil.k stann.k Sulph.k Ter.k uran-met.k Zinc.k

The "K" aft each remedy stands for Kent (this rubric is from his experience and repertory).

Another, more complete one, is from Synthesis repertory which starts with Kent then incorporates experiences from others:

CHEST - DROPSY: (91) ABROT.sne acet-ac.k,bg2 adon.br1,bro1,ptk1,vh1,,bg2,k,bg2 ant-ar.zzz Ant-t.bro1,k,bg2,bro1,c2,k,nh6 APOC.br1,bro1,c1,k,bg2,,bg2,br1,bro1,c2,k,nh6 Ars-i.bro1,c2 ars-s-f.k2 Asaf.k asc-t.zzz Aspar.k,nh6 aur.bg2,k2 Aur-m.k BORX.sne,,bg2,k,nh6 cact.k2,bg2,k Canth.bro1,k,bg2,,bg2,bro1,k Carbn-s.k,,bg2,bro1,k chinin-ar.k,,bg2,bro1,k,nh6,tl1,bg2,,bg2 conv.gk0 Crot-h.k,,bg2,bro1,k,nh6,,bg2,k elat.hr1,bg2 ferr-m.k Fl-ac.bro1,k,ptk1 glycyr-g.sne0,bg2,bro1,k,nh6 Iod.bro1,k,bg2 jug-c.c2,vml3 Kali-ar.k,,bg2,bro1,c2,k,k1b1,mtf33,nh6 Kali-i.bro1,k,nh6 kali-sil.k2,bg2,bro1,k Lact.br1,k lact-v.br1,bro1 laur.gk0,bg2,,bg2,bro1,k,k2,nh6,ptk1 Merc.bg2,k,k2,nh6 MERC-SUL.br1,bro1,c2,k,nh6,bg2,k,,bg2,k Nat-m.k,bg2 nux-v.zzz,,bg2,k phase.bro1 phase-xyz.c2 phos.bro1 pilo.bro1,k puls.sne0 Ran-b.br1,bro1,k,nh6 rat.c2,k,,bg2,bg2 Sang.k,bg2,bg2,bro1,c2,k,nh6 Sil.k,bg2,k,bg2,bro1,c2,k,nh6,,bg2,k sul-i.k2,bro1,c2,k,nh6 Ter.k,bg2 tub.c1 uran-met.k,xxx uran-n.k,bg2 Zinc.k

GENERALS - DROPSY - general; in: (66) Acet-ac.zzz anag.br1 APISzzz Apoc.mrr1,br1 Ars.zzz asc-c.br1 aur.zzz Blatta-a.br1 bov.zzz bry.zzz Cain.br1 calad.hr1,c1 calc-ar.br1 canth.zzz carb-v.zzz card-m.zzz chin.zzz coffin.zzz colch.zzz com.zzz cortiso.mtf11 cyna.mtf11 Dig.zzz dulc.zzz elat.br1 eup-pur.zzz ferr.zzz fl-ac.zzz foll.zzz gali.br1 graph.zzz Hell.zzz helon.zzz juni-c.br1 kali-act.mtf11 kali-c.mtf33,br1 kali-chl.zzz kali-i.zzz kali-n.zzz lac-d.zzz lac-h.sze9 lach.zzz lyc.zzz merc.zzz Merc-c.zzz Merc-d.zzz mom-b.br1 mur-ac.zzz nat-c.zzz nat-m.br1 nit-s-d.br1 onis.br1 phos.zzz puls.mtf33 rhus-t.zzz sec.zzz senec.zzz sep.zzz sil.zzz solid.mtf11 spartin-s.bwa2,br1 squil.zzz sulph.zzz ter.zzz Uran-n.br1 zinc.zzz


CHEST - HEART FAILURE - congestive: (19) am-c.mrr1 ant-t.mrr1 ars.mrr1 carb-v.mrr1,mtf33 dig.mrr1 gels.mrr1 glon.mrr1 hydrc.mrr1 kali-c.mrr1 kalm.mrr1 lach.mrr1 laur.mrr1 lyc.mrr1 lycps-v.mrr1 najamrr1 ox-ac.mrr1 phos.mrr1 stry-ar.mtf sulph.mrr1 +

CHEST - CONGESTION - Heart: (35),bg2,k,ptk1,,bg2,,bg2,k asar.bg2 bell.mtf11,,bg2,bg2,h1,,bg2,k cyt-l.sp1,bg2 ferr-i.k2 GLON.bg2,br1,k,ptk1 hyper.k Ign.zzz,bg2 Lil-t.k,bg2,bg2,,bg2,bg2,k,bg2,bg2,h2,ptk1,,bg2,k,bg2,bg2 spig.bg2,bg2,k

And there are other applicable rubrics that describe fluid in the chest, and the effects from it.

However, pathology like this is not typically a "leading" symptom.

This means that it often doesn't lead you to the curative homeopathic medicine, but is still an important part of the totality of symptoms.

By curative I mean the best possible remedy aka the similimum.

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