Organon Paragraph 26 and Examples of the Law of Homepathy

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hahnemann gives some great real world examples of the (homeopathic) law of similars in the footnote to this short aphorism.​
"This" refers back to aphorism 25 where he talks about symptom similarity.​
This depends on the following homoeopathic law of nature which was sometimes, indeed, vaguely surmised but not hitherto fully recognized, and to which is due every real cure that has ever taken place:
A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations.1​

1 Thus are cured both physical affections and moral maladies. How is it that in the early dawn the brilliant Jupiter vanishes from the gaze of the beholder? By a stronger very similar power acting on his optic nerve, the brightness of approaching day! - In situations replete with foetid odors, wherewith is it usual to soothe effectually the offended olfactory nerves? With snuff, that affects the sense of smell in a similar but stronger manner! No music, no sugared cake, which act on the nerves of other senses, can cure this olfactory disgust. How does the soldier cunningly stifle the piteous cries of him who runs the gauntlet from the ears of the compassionate bystanders? By the shrill notes of the fife commingled with the roll of the noisy drum! And the distant roar of the enemy's cannon that inspires his army with fear? By the loud boom of the big drum! For neither the one nor the other would the distribution of a brilliant piece of uniform nor a reprimand to the regiment suffice. In like manner, mourning and sorrow will be effaced from the mind by the account of another and still greater cause for sorrow happening to another, even though it be a mere fiction. The injurious consequences of too great joy will be removed by drinking coffee, which produces an excessive joyous state of mind. Nations like the Germans, who have for centuries been gradually sinking deeper and deeper in soulless apathy and degrading serfdom, must first be trodden still deeper in the dust by the Western Conqueror, until their situation became intolerable; their mean opinion of themselves was thereby over-strained and removed; they again became alive to their dignity as men, and then, for the first time, they raised their heads as Germans.​
Can anyone think of any other examples of this natural law of similars?​


Oct 22, 2018
Dr Jeff, I am not sure but could phosphorus be a similiar, even a cure for Teddy with his unknown dx’s the hospital discharged him with last April, like idiopathic epilepsy, possible pancreatitis, polycythemia,hypoglycemia non clinical? 🙀

His underlying condition is being overpowered by what the phosphorus is helping him to do with the help of low dose phenobarbital, cbd and his daily immune boosting supplements?

He puzzles both Dr Judy and I by small behavior changes like the new left sided circling, or jolting when in a deep sleep, or high energy displays right after taking cbd, and it’s not everyday, no pattern. This circling started last month and thanks to dr Judy is gone as she gave him a different dosing of phosphorus.

Teddy stopped the circling and jolting, and but cbd dosing is still uncertain, and still a cause of concern forTeddy. I am not sure if it is helping him or driving him crazy!

I am every 3 or 4 months trying to adjust because it has never fully agreed with Teddy. When he has a build up he acts within the hr for at least 2 hrs, like he is highly charged! Meowing, running back and forth, jumping on cat tress, like a crazy kitty. I don’t know and I don’t think many vets know either what is better, cbd from the flower or hemp seed. I don’t think cats have been studied that long on cbd and this is all very scary for me because there are so many opinions out there. If anyone in holistic actions know of a cbd that is made from the flower of hemp and no added oils to dilute it, is organic and has had a full analysis please share. Both Ellevet and Rx hemp are made from hemp seed, and it is hard to tell how true the cbd is when processed from the seed. They are good products but Teddy is not thriving on this cbd, plain and simple, he needs it but it’s not the best product FOR HIM. Since last April I have had to readjust his cbd dose 4 times now, sometimes up sometime down, and frequency only twice🙀🙀🙀. He still twitches his ears when in a deep sleep and some paw flapping twitching but much better

I truly see it’s the phosphorus that is really helping so maybe does this similar apply?

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