Need help with Vaccine decisions for new puppy


Feb 11, 2018
We are in the process of adding a new pup to our household. The pup is just 5 weeks today. We will be getting him at 8 weeks.

He is being raised in an environment that had Parvo in it 2 1/2 yrs ago. Since then puppies raised on this property have been routinely vaccinated at 6 weeks with Neopar and before they go to their homes they are Vet checked and given a DAPP vacc.. There has been no further incidence of Parvo on the property.

This pup will come to us and live a life that will take him on hikes in the woods, many trips to training centers, dock diving and dog shows. He will be exposed.

So I am asking for thoughts on the vaccination issue.

Dr Dodd's does recommend the 6 week Neopar for pups raised in an environment that Parvo has been in previously. It is my understanding that it stays in the environment for at least 2 years.

In this situation I feel the benefit of the Neopar may out weigh the risk. But the DAPP just 2 weeks later has me concerned. Plus is it better to just give the Distemper/Parvo?
What is the incidence of Adenovirus? Parainfluenenza?

I am inclined to take the puppy vet checked without the DAPP on board and make an appointment with our local holistic vet for just the Dist/Parvo and do it at 9 or 10 weeks? Thoughts?? This breeder will work with us on this issue.
We live 2 1/2 hrs away from the pup so it isn't feasible to be there to administer anything or watch the pup so we are just trying to figure out the best way to do the right thing for this little guy to give him the best start possible.

This breeder raw feeds w/supplemental kibble and minimally vaccinates. The pups have been started on raw.
Thank you in advance for any thoughts and advice as this is a lot to sort out and we want to do the right thing.


Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Jackie-

Congratulations on adopting a new puppy!

Despite parvo possibly being in the environment, I'd personally still hold off on such an early age vaccination.

But that's just me.

Early age vaccines can also really imbalance the immature immune system and predispose to allergic and other hyper-sensitivity problems later in life.

Environmental exposure certainly could (but deoesn't necessarily) increase the risk. It's a trade off.

Parvo in the environment may increase exposure risk but also is an awe-some way for the pup to get the natural exposure he needs. As per Dr. Todd's webinar:

If the breeder was in the midst of an outbreak, the risk would be much higher but even that could be mitigated.

However the toxins in the vaccine will be a risk factor no matter what the exposure.

Yes, no matter what, minimize the # of vaccines.

A double whammy in two weeks is too much IMO.

The incidence of adeno/parainfluenza are very low (I've never seen an adeno case).

Perhaps one NeoPar just prior to your picking him up and a distemper/parvo at 14-16 weeks?

Or none at all!

It all depends on your comfort level.

In the short run, you probably won't see any problems no matter what you elect, but my concern would be predisposition to problems later down the line.

There seems to be a direct relationship between vaccinosis and age at vaccination + frequency of vaccination.

As you know, the most important way to help your pups is to minimize any vaccine.

There's lots more info. in the vaccinosis resource member area of the main site.

Above all, love your new pup lots and lots!

Dr. Christina

Jun 15, 2017
How wonderful for you to be doing step 2 of HMDM - research - BEFORE you get your new pup!!!

I agree with Dr. Jeff to not give the Nupar even though Parvo was present, as there should be adequate maternal antibody at 6-8 weeks, and even up to 14 weeks. If he does get ill, you can certainly work with Dr. Jeff since you are a member.

As your pup develops a natural immunity (with or without the artificial immunity from a vaccine) the more exposure the better as that keeps the immune system ready to go.

I agree with you to wait and see your holistic vet at 10 weeks for the one distemper and parvo, or even, if possible - parvo one week and distemper the next. Then Rabies at 5 months.

There are several things you can do to minimize vaccine damage:
  • Learn Reiki before you get the pup and hold the syringe in your hand, then Reiki the injection site (those 2 could be done the holistic vet staff if they are trained), then offer daily Reiki to all living beings in your home.
  • Get the Flower Essence from Jackson Galaxy/Spirit Essences called Vaccine Detox and give for a week before and a week after the vaccine
You may want to attend this weekend's live streaming (or if close enough come in person) and ask all possible questions on different pup issues. To register click here.

Dr. Christina


Feb 11, 2018
Thank you Dr Jeff and Dr Christina for your replies.

Everything you both said makes sense. I have also done more research on my own.

Thank you to Tech Master David. Searching the website was super easy gathering all the info on vaccines and vaccinosis. Great Search ability!

I am attuned through Reiki Master so I will continue to send distance Reiki to the new pup and pack/caregivers as a whole. We all need Reiki.

I am signed up for this weekend seminar and will pop in when I can.
With Gratitude,

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