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Estrus cycle - clear discharge - legs wet


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Jul 16, 2019
Hi all (@Dr. Jeff and @GinnyW) - I apologize for the many questions re estrus cycle - super new at this....

so today, possibly day 13, I noticed there’s less blood but more clear discharge - however, discharge is so much that her inner legs are soaking wet. No foul smell. IS THIS NORMAL?

I cleaned the area with warm towel then colloidal silver .. then sprinkle calendula powder suggested by @Dr. Sara (in another post)..Im trying to keep her area clean to prevent infection.

Thanks for your help!

Dr. Sara

HA! Faculty
Dec 30, 2018
Dear Christine,
I suspect your girl might be cleaning her self pretty diligently and soaking her legs. The discharge does become more clear around this time, and it can be profuse, though generally it is more sticky. The important thing is that it doesn't have a nasty odour or colour, and that her BEAM is normal. Many girls prefer cleaning this clear discharge off, so they do a better job of it, and get themselves pretty wet. I do not believe there is any cause for concern. Keep her well powdered with the Wise Ways Calendula powder to prevent chafing.
Take care,
Dr. Sara

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